July 12, 2005 at 7:07 am (Uncategorized)

My life is at a crossroads – but isnt it always?

What happenes within the next 3 days will shape my future. Damn. Sounds like a whole lot of responsibility. Am I ready for it?

Its funny how we spend 12 years of our life in school, 4 years in college, spend a couple of years working and eventually end up with nothing set in our minds. Goals come and go, dreams come and go. Ambitions are born, careers are chased. Ideas are considered, plans are executed. Eventually, as you steer yourself to what you think is the right track, you realise that you are heading the in the wrong direction.

In essence, isnt life all about making the right choices? But what if you havent? What if I had paid more attention during school? What if I hadnt had to go through the hardships I had to face during my college days? What if I had worked harder when I should have? Where would I be now? Would I still be in the same state of mind that I am currently in?

As you slowly realise that you are not what you could have been, or what you should have been and that you did not do what you could have done, or what you should have done, does your life loose the value you have given it?

Why are there so many questions running through my head? Im not ready to handle them. I dont dare face them. But I cannot run away from them.

Angela Chang – Journey

It’s A Long Long Journey
Till I Know Where I’m Supposed To Be
It’s A Long Long Journey
And I Don’t Know If I Can Believe
When Shadows Fall And Block My Eyes
I Am Lost And Know That I Must Hide
It’s A Long Long Journey
Till I Find My Way Home To You

Many Days I’ve Spent
Drifting On Through Empty Shores
Wondering What’s My Purpose
Wondering How To Make Me Strong

I Know I Will Falter I Know I Will Cry
I Know You’ll Be Standing By My Side
It’s A Long Long Journey
And I Need To Be Close To You

Sometimes It Feels No One Understands
I Don’t Even Know Why
I Do The Things I Do
When Pride Builds Me Up Till I Can’t See My Soul
Will You Break Down These Walls And Pull Me Through

Cause It’s A Long Long Journey
Till I Feel That I Am Worth The Price
You Paid For Me On Calvary
Beneath Those Stormy Skies

When Satan Mocks And Friends Turn To Foes
It Feel Like Everything Is Out To Make Me Lose Control
Cause It’s A Long Long Journey
Till I Find My Way Home To You.

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  1. Charles with Style said,

    Crossroad… hah! Life’s like that isn’t it? Choices that we choose either makes us or breaks us. It got me and got me at the most inappropriate of times. Sometimes, I feel as if life should not be taken so seriously but my rationale just slaps me in the face and forces me to wake up to a cruel reality, a cruel fact, that choices are inevitable. We can never be sure all the time but are we willing to gamble. Are we willing to face up to the consequences? And Wern Shen, congrats for your new job. Am very happy for you.–>

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