July 19, 2005 at 6:25 am (Uncategorized)

Forbidden fruit. Hmm. They always look the most attractive dont they? Hell, I even hear they taste the best. But, yes there is a “but” involved here, in partaking of the forbidden fruit, one has to deal with the consequences that proceed it.

Here I am, staring at the forbidden fruit. I now only dream of the sweetness it holds. I only imagine the happiness it could bring. I can see the darkness that lies ahead it. Because of this, I hesitate. I know that one of only two things will happen if indeed I do take in this fruit. Fifty fifty chances never really tickled my fancy, but somehow it feels that this challenge is calling out to me. Its slowly but surely trying to tempt me into it. I only hope I can be sober enough to decide rationally.

Dont blame me for not being strong enough. I am but a regular man – and since the very beginning of man, has man succumbed to temptation. God’s first creations succumbed to temptation – how can I not?

But as this fruit continues to grow ripe while still out of my reach, I can already feel the retribution that awaits. It scares me, but at the same time it excites me. Should I drop down all that I have to take the gamble? Should I do that which I know is wrong, just to have a nibble of it?

I have been hungry, so hungry, for so long.

What can I do?



  1. faridz7 said,

    Nah, dont worry, I dont blame you for not being strong enough. Same like my good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger who cant be blamed for his terrible diction and accent. You’re in good company.

  2. Charles said,

    I am hungry too wern shen….. I am fucking hungry…. I have been a vegetarian for far too long

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