Bacardi 151

July 29, 2005 at 4:50 am (Uncategorized)

Its funny how a little drink can set your mind straight innit?

The past few days have been a roller coaster ride for me. I had my high highs, and I had my low lows. In a nutshell, I cant help to hope that all my days are going to be filled with nothing but high-ness, but I got to be realistic aye?

Today was a day of revelations for me, both emotionaly and, well you could say physically.

Ive gone though lots of shit in the past, but nothing can add up to the shit I had to put myself through in the past 48 hours. Dont you hate it when emotions take over your brain? Dont you hate it when you let your dark secret slip out due to one drink too many? You could probably call me a daft fool who couldnt keep his drinks in.

I could not disagree. But what has been said has been said, regret? Maybe. But being the manly man that I am, I decided to confront it instead of casually pushing the blame on a cup of Jack and Coke. Yes, I will regret the things I said, and if I could do it all over again, I would do it diffrently. Sad I know, maybe this is not what you want to hear (read) but this is the honest truth.

Oh well, if only I could press that huge undo button up in the sky. But well I cant. So here I am, ranting on my blog, downing cups of 151 at 5.30 in the morning.

On a lighter note, today will mark my last day in the HDPM. So, as I look back on the past 11 months that I spent there, I realize one thing. Here is where friendships were made, and broken. Here is where I met her. And as 95% of the other people who left or are leaving HDPM will say, the thing that I love the most about this place is the people.

Damn. People. I met many of those here. Just want to say thanks to those who influenced my life – for better or for worse. Sorry to whom I should appologize, and a big FUCK YOU to those who deserve it.

Come Monday, I will get my life back. I really hope I do, but for now, I am still – for the third consecutive year – *drumroll* just a lonely driver.*end drumroll*

7 shots and I am still standing. New personal record.

Ngoi Yu Sing

kei sat ji gei yat go gam hoi sam ji dang nei gong
kei sat daai ga jou yi yim daai ga keuk baan mong
han yau dor yat dim pung jong ying yin mou liu si gon bat gam da gaau deun fong
yiu si nei yun yi sing sat gong yat tong, bei chi dou hei ma gaau dak sik fong

bat yiu huk ngo ya yan dak liu je se nin loi di wai kuk
mut faat jan sam ngoi ha heui ,ji hou jan sam jan yi di git chuk

*bit joi jou ching yan jou ji maau jou ji gau bat jou ching yan
jou ji chung mat ji siu ho ngoi mai yan wo nei bat chau bat choi
jeui jung ji wui sing wai dik yan (wo nei seung gaau bat chin mou wai ming yat wui bei nei jang)
leun wai gau pang yau si fau yau ching sam mut yau sam ji jeung haan yan yeuk yau hung
naan dou yau hung ho jip man jyu ding chi gwo lou yan mak saang nei jam mo sau jan
(je yu gou faat ji kin sing noi sam)*

cheung kei bei bik lyun ngoi ya jan bei sat lyun ang chaam
cheung kei baan yin yeuk mou kei si boon ang kwan naan
si ngo jyun dang faan ying maan ming ming wai si sam maan paai yat jou goi yiu taan
joi jeung ngo boon leui ying mong do yat ngaan yat saang dou jeung wui gei dak gam maan

Repeat *

deui bat hei ji dung fan sau cho ngok di nei pa wui seung gam
maang muk di ngo yin joi ya ho jyun toi loi ho nei san saang

Repeat *

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