November 15, 2005 at 11:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Its 11.40 pm and Im dizzy. Had a lil too much beer and wine just now. Damn.. dont you hate it when you get drunk and swear to your self that this is the last time youre gonna drink, then find yourself barging through a crowd just to get yoru next free beer? Ironicly stupid i call it.

I was at a launch today. No idea what it was for actually. It didnt feel launch-y at all to be honest. Just felt like 1 big booze party – lots of ppl were really boozed up too!! I met the HP PR girls – allysa, poi fong and liven, hung out for a bit with yazeed and met charles ex colleagues too! Hmmm nice…. oh did I mention? Tonight was Charles big nite – his first night in the industry!!! Yeah the bugger is in this hell hole now too!

thinking back of my first day… damn i was blown away just by the pair of speakers i won from the sonic gear event i attended… fuckin charles lucky cunt get a free flow booze night on his virgin day. oh well… at least we all know he’s not as good looking as me rite? hahahahhaha

oh well… i really should be working but im too dizzy and sleepy to.. i guess ill set the allarm for early tomorrow and try to get some stuff finished. gah… work !!!!!!!!!

p.s. thinkin of u grl… tonite dinner … mmm … cant wait to see u… unf unf ja ja ja jamajai jamajai jai

p.s.s. for those of u who dont know, i have changed my msn from “Lonely Driver” to “Dracula”. Dont ask why :)

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  1. Charles said,

    For those who are curious as to why he changed from the Lonely Driver to Dracula, send me a message or contact me and I shall enlighten you.

    p/s: Due to the fact that I now enlighten people, I have changed from -Charles- to The Prophet in MSN as well

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