I am backs!

November 28, 2005 at 1:50 am (Uncategorized)

Guys, girls and those in between, the time (thing?) everyone has been waiting for is here.

Argh. Well. FUCK! (hahaha just had to slot that in!)

I made a shocking discovery. My life sucks. Things are so monotonous. Blog titles are limited to single word descriptions. Wow Im the fucking creative man just because Im a writer. I wake up and go to work, bitch around in the office waiting for lunch. Over eat when Im supposed to be on a self imposed diet then bitch about it later. I cant wait for the day to be over so I can leave the office, but when I do, I HAVE NOTHING THE FUCK TO DO only cause I fucked around too much in the office. I call my friends and we go out for dinner. We talk some cock and smoke some fags. Before we know it, were fucking stumpped and have no idea what to do next. We either end up playing DOTA or changing venue and continue our fucking wuliao yum cha session. I reach home too late for a good nights sleep, ponder if I should update my blog, and end up surfing porn instead. Look at the clock and OMFGWTFBBQ its already 2 am. Curse myself and go to sleep – but of course, 5 hours of sleep later I feel groggy and curse myself for not sleeping earlier.

Repeat that 7 days and as a result … you get me.

Life has been shit. Life has been so shit, it makes shit look good. I might seem like Im having a good time but the truth is that Im not. Dont take me wrong – my dad is treating me good and my finances are… well… lets just leave that aside. Ive got a fucking wonderful job which I currently suck at, but my boss is gracious enough to give me time to settle in (instead of firing my fat ass). Im over weight. Im fat. I need to eat and drink less. I need to keep my room tidy. I need to keep my fucking office desk tidy. I need to start doing my work consistantly instead of leaving it all for 1 week before my deadline. I need to find someone to share my life with – without feeling sorry for myself for not having someone already. I need to stop listening to sappy love songs which make me feel even shittier than it already is. The James Blunt song is fucking wonderful, but listening to it 30 times a day is bound to fuck me up somehow. I need to stop thinking that everything is alright and will work itself out some how without me doing anything.

I need to zhng* my life.

* I never approved of these Singaporean slang terms, but well since I so need a change, then what the hell right?

Simple right? WRONG MOFO!

Lets see where I should start. I need to change the way I look at life. I need to stop smiling everytime, in an attempt to hide my true feelings. Im fucking sick of being that smily guy. Argh… Well at least I know that Im gonna seriously limit the amount of sob posts on my blog from now on. Yeah.. they are just gonna be BITCH posts now!


Oh well. Lets see how it goes aye?

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  1. Charles said,

    Dear Mr. WS,

    For the longest time, I THINK that I have been the one who suggests places to eat and hang out but of course due to the fact that maybe… just fucking maybe, our programmes and itenary has been so fucking repetitive that, we have come to a dead end. A dead end where we only have a few places to eat and of course, that few places to hang out afterwards. We have lived out our lives by the age of 22 and somehow or rather, it seems, that nothing catches our interest anymore. And of course, with Mr. KY being sick until he looks like a TB patient, there is only so much that we could do. The night out in Club 7 was cool though. Something minor in the old days but somehow it seem big for us now. SIGH x double infinity.

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