Damn Luan!

November 30, 2005 at 12:18 am (Uncategorized)

I kena con today!
*Mental note to self: always forward events list to my Gmail account.

I had an event at 11 morning today. I went to work at 9am without a clue, chilled for about an hour, and found myself rushing out the door by 10. Took a fuck-long time to get a parking spot and ended up being late for the event.

Had an event at 2.30 pm …. and the majority vote (including that of my editor, hehe) was to go for lunch, then to the next venue @ Sunway Pyramid. Dammit… lunch lasted for about 30 minutes and we ended up in Pyramid at about 1 pm. I thought I could spend some time with my rivals but in seconds, they dispursed and was left to roam around the fucking lion complex alone. CCBKNNMCH damn sien lor….

Thought can play a few rounds of snook with boss… but I think I scared him off when he asked me about my snooker history. Bo bien mah… what I did in the past I did liau hahahaha… not my fault my parents went almost broke and I had to earn money from mah kei and snooker. Oh well… those were the days. Sad days in some way, happy in some. For once I was good at something. For once I was good at something I liked. Definately not like my previous job at HDPM. Walaneh… sure I was good at the job.. but thats only because the job required an IQ of 3 to master. CIBAI.

Ended up at home by 5.30. Damn fucking pei hai, so I logged onto my beloved mIRC. Had an interesting (?) chat with some random dudes but this part of the conversation really cracked me up.

Some dudes start talkin about Penang:
aH`Nic : Apple : near BJ Complex
goat`-MGY : wah… BJ complex
Apple : goat oso busy talk with bubble
goat`-MGY : hahahahah
SHiNE_gIrL: aH`Nic & DerricK: pls!!!!!!
goat`-MGY : BJ complex is where?
aH`Nic : goat`-MGY : BJ Complex near penang intel
bubble : kns uncle goat!
goat`-MGY : wah… like that intel staff ma always go to BJ complex?
aH`Nic : why call goat`-MGY must add uncle ler ??
bubble : chai simi?
bubble : coz he is uncle
goat`-MGY : we is family
aH`Nic : and why must add kns in fron of uncle ler ?
bubble : coz he is kns
goat`-MGY : BJ complex sell what wan
aH`Nic : goat`-MGY : BJ Complex sell thing 1
aH`Nic : lol
goat`-MGY : got sell BJ ah

* FYI goat`-MGY is me. Dont ask why the MGY or ask why “goat”. Its a long story.

Ok… looking back… its not that funny any more… but damn it was at the time. So sue me. -_-

Bah… Proceeded for a 1 1/2 hour power nap. Woke up half stoned and proceeded to Chow Yang for my super tomyam seafood noodle. Best sial. And only RM10 thanks to sponsership from Ms. Lim! Hahahaha thanks you Ms. Lim!!!! Mr. KY was still coughing but insisted on having some dessert… and his craving for today: Tong Shui & Dan Tart (sweet water ?!! and egg tarts). KNNCCB 10pm where to find fucking dan tart? Hahahahahaha Ms. Lim had a jalan though – wait a few more hour and buy from those Dim Sum shop! Hahahahhahaha damn pei hai man..! Somehow, we endeed up in Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng and I persuaded Ms. Lim to do the 1-2-5 pose for me. Captured the pictures on the D600 but cibai… used the USB cable but can transfer images! Cibai oni can charge the phone via USB. Dammit… nvm tomorow go office I will bluetooth it to my computer!! HAHAHAHAHHA…. Still… cannot seem to persuade Mr. KY to do the pose. Niama… say only then the guy stare at me with the killer look.. scarry balls!!!

Sigh.. So since today no fresh picture to post then I guess I gotta post something “old” from my Korea trip? I was looking through the pics and I somehow, even though the guy in the pic isnt me (its Mr. Raymond LG from Singapore), but I feel like Im the guy in the pic. Sounds gay but sigh… damn luan la my head these few days. Talking about Korea, I “met” some of the dudes (uncles) whom I went to Korea with. Those guys… big guns from Zitron. KNN damn shy… see me only say “OIII KARAOKE KING”! CIBAIII DAMN SHY LEHH!!!!!

Why do I say I feel like the guy in the picture? Coz I feel that everything else around me is moving. Im the only thing thats just still in one place. Sigh… Life these few days really very luan. So many things to think about. So many things in my mind….


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