Over rated!

December 30, 2005 at 2:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Friendship is over rated.

How did I end up with this conclusion?

Thanks to a simple equation:

Guys argue/disagree about everything, but only two things in the world have enough power to break great things.


Thus, its general knowledge that going after/dating/humping a girl who is/might/was going out with your friend is a big no no.

Money has the power to tear families apart, so breaking up friendships would be akin to cutting butter with a hot knife.

So, now we know what the two biggest friendship breakers are, how do we equate which has the stronger influence?

Since we all know that money breaks up friendships, that means that:

Money > Friendship

And we also know that women break up friendships, so:

Women > Friendship

Now the conclusion would be:

Money + Women > Friendship


A man would leave millions just to be with a woman if he thinks he is in love. Or… he might forgo his family fortune because his parents disaprove of his woman.


Women > Money > Friendship

Now, if only I can find a way to be more attractive to a person than women, I’m sure I would have something to do for new year’s eve! :)

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Spring Cleaning

December 22, 2005 at 11:32 am (Uncategorized)

Oooh.. I just love this time of the month. The two or three days immediately after deadlines are like heaven. Nothing Less work to do at office… Well… less productive work ler…
Yesterday I formatted my office PC… hahaha it was like.. damn best lor because whole day cannot do work. Today different story. Niamacibai come into office both boss not in. Not to say I want to curi tulang or what la… but then really nothing to do lor. KNNCCB. Anyways, I was supposed to be in office early morning to pass a Canon SLR to my colleague, but she not in office! CIBAI! Should have gone for launch…

Sigh. Now 11.35.. contemplating going for a hair cut but then I know if I drive down, later come back sure no fucking parking. Mahai. I tell you ah… the parking in Mid Valley is cocks man. Its so cocks that its FUCKING COCKS. For example, the other day I came back at 1.20pm. Made a round in the fucking jam – Zone G closed, Zone F closed, round more, Zone A – C closed. MAHAI PARK WHERE? JOCKEY AH?!! TIU NEI!!! RM 7 for 4 hours. I bodoh meh… not to say can claim… even if can… cibai one month only allowed RM30 for parking claims. 1 day if park for 7 hours = RM7 + (RM2 x 4) = RM15. WALANEH HALF MONTH PARKING CLAIM GONE! So I was thinking of taking a cab down to Orange Saloon lor. But then ah, think again – taxi sure about RM5 onwards. Never mind lor. Hair cut RM18 + RM5 (taxi) = RM23. Still reasonable. But the thing that isnt reasonable is trying to get back. Knowing the fucking Msian taxi drivers attitude sure when say “Mid Valley” he will start shaking his hand – TAK MAU TAK MAU JAM LA. JAM MAK KAU AH JAM. OMFGWTFBBQ! Suan la. I think just drive. But then… wait for about 5.30 like that lor. Since no not much work today, I can leave early maybe? If boss didnt come in can kua… ehehehhehe…

BTW, if you notice me doing many lots of strikeouts, its because almost all the blogs I read are doing it. Im like WTF why the fuck you striking out your words? I mean… looks funny ler… cool? Maybe oni lor. I mean… when you talk and you say “You have a nice rack… oops I mean hair” its different lor. Coz you were really looking at her rack right? Thats perfectly fine but just dont get busted like I did!! HAHAHAHHAAH… Anyways… maybe they trying to spice up their blogs a bit? Trying to make reading more enjoyable? Bollocks lah. Everyone has their own style. Let them do it. I will if I feel appropriate (dont know how to spell) I should. Or… maybe, when they were in secondary school, they no money to buy/steal liquid paper so they use ruler and cross out the wrong words! HAHAHA ya hor… why didnt I think of that before!! hahahahaHAHAHA!!

Man.. I havnt been blogging for so long. It feels like I have so much to say but dont know how to say it out in words. Might sound dumb ler coming from a writer (by profession) but tell you the truth – I have the same problem in work. I talked to my boss about it the other day and we came to two conclusions:

1) Im suffering from a lack in confidence. Maybe because of that, then I think twice or thrice or a gilion times before I actually type the thing out. I agree. I mean, its not the first time I have been told that I lack confidence. Ms. Hui Ni once told Mr. Ham that I lack confidence. I mean WTF is that about? Tell someone else but dont tell me? Fine. But Ms. Hui Ni is my “dai gar cher” so… if that floats her boat right? Hahahhaha wanker wankette.

2) Im too handsome and talented and Im in the wrong line. I should be model or super star celebrity chef or something like that! HAHAHHAHA nolah this one I just created myself.

Its not everyday you get to work in a job with a nice boss. My old boss at HSBC was a bitch. She was such a fake bitchy fucked up whore-like biatch. Eew… Fucking bitch. Yucks. Anyway she sucked. Not me but I mean in general. My current boss on the other hand – of which some of my friends met recently – is like damn different. He treats me like his lil bro (not that kind of lil bro ok… the human kind). If he unhappy with anything or notice anythign wrong or wanna tell me something, he will say “Eh fucker… come lets go smoke”. Its nice ler. Not to say I cannot tahan getting scolding but I think his approach is the way all bosses should approach their staff. Truth is, the way he does stuff reminds me so much of myself. Therefore I can relate to what he’s trying to say – and surprisingly he can relate to what I say and feel. Its nice ler. Its like we have this understanding – but not in a gay way. Sigh…

But back to ME… since thats what this blog is supposed to be about… I dont think I will update on the Part 2 of the Singapore trip. It was too long ago… forgot about it liau hahahahha!! But lets look forward – Christmas is coming up. Coincidentally, its on a Sunday (me thinks) so my mummy forced me to go church with her. Sigh. Oh well… to make her happy lor right?! :) Since Im such a hau soon son! HAHAHA YA RIGHT!! HAHAHAHA..

Friday night, Mr. Aaron is coming down. Dont think I will be partying that night – kinda had too much partying last week. Dont know what I will bring him to do. It seems like my life in KL is fucking boring. Its either:

a) Yum Cha at Wong Kok
c) Clubbing
d) Sleep at home
e) Snooker
F) Try to kau lui and end up making an ass of myself


Fuck lah. Play by ear la right? Oh ya before I forget!! I wrote two articles for EVO this month!! HAHAHAH the best part – I GOT TO DRIVE GTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA… pics pics pics ….

Roadster Brabus!!

“Artistic shot” :P


180kmh oni :(


We is a fucking original band called ‘telefon’ WTF!

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OK Launch

December 19, 2005 at 3:57 pm (Uncategorized)


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December 14, 2005 at 7:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Not many gadgets recently, but these do pretty fine!


Oops.. Its original, but I downloaded about a month ago. Damn, I hate piracy. It so spoils gifts! :(

Technically, I dont need them coz I can get in as “media” but I dont have many friends to give em too….

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December 12, 2005 at 12:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Hahahahah one of my Singaporean friends told me over MSN:


Whoa.. If the immigration read my blog… they might block me kua? Damn… use machine gun and shoot me?? OR WORSE TAX ME FOR THE OTHER 3 PACKS OF CIGGIES THEY MISSED?!!!


Sigh… send some lady punisher over ler…


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Zouk out… really damn out

December 12, 2005 at 12:34 am (Uncategorized)

Back from Singapore… HELLO MALAYSIA! :)

FUCK man… the weekend was really a mixed bag. Fuckin tired on Friday… The bus ride down south was cocks. Mahai… One would think that taking the 7 pm bus would be a smart choice. I mean… rush hour 5-7pm by the time the bus reach highway at 7.20pm the road should be clear right? WRONG NIGGAAAZ… mahai.. stuck at the fucking iron river highway till 8.30pm… KNNMCB… wasted 1.30 hours of prescious highway time on the fucking jammed up area…. could have reached seremban by then!!!!!! tulan!

Oh well… reached Singapore border at about 11.50pm and half sleepily put my bag through immigrations … but then kuang kuang kuang. FUCKING KENA STOP BY IMMIGRATION OFFICER… NIAMA HE USE MP5 POINT ME SOME MORE!!! For those of you who dont know, MP5 is the fucking machine gun from counter strike. The bastard immigration guy pointed it at me! I was like OMFGWTFBBQ and opened my bag. Then I realise… I fuckin brought along a bottle of whiskey and 6 packs of cigarettes! Hahahahha cibai kena liau… Sure gonna kena SGD$200 fine or somethin so I started thinking up some story tale to tell the guy so I could get away with it…

CIBAI.. I told him the cigarettes are duty free.. I bought them at CHANGI AIRPORT DUMB FUCK… then he lansi-ly told me while pointing his fucking sub-machine gun at me “You are coming into Singapore, you must remember, its a different set of rules here”. TIU LEI. NEXT TIME YOU COME KL I POINT MY FUCKING CANON IN YOUR FACE AND TELL YOU THE SAME THING PUNK! Then I said in an equally lansi tone “Oklor… confiscate them then if you want… tiu”. Hahahahhaha damn funny cos he didnt understand what “tiu” was. Dumb fuck. After 10 minutes of paperwork, he led me to the customs counter. Cibai damn shy … even my bus driver came down and see what happened. Mahai the customs officer some mroe give me some old fuck grandpa who couldnt write without his hand shaking like got the alz-hai-mer disies. PKM… count count count then he taxed me me SGD$45 – SGD$22 for the bottle of Johnnie Walker, SGD$23 for the cigarettes. DUMB FUCK ONLY TAXED ME FOR 3 PACKS COZ I HID THE REST IN MY UNDERWARE HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Then I went “Oh SGD$23 for the cigarettes? How much one pack in Singapore shops?”, then he looked up and replied “about SGD$11 each”. HAhahahah I fucking started laughing there… he must have thought I was dumb? HAHAHAH NO BIATCH YOU THE DUMB FUCK.. AT LEAST TAX ME MORE LA SOHAI I UNTUNG BERSIH 1 PACK YOU NOOB!

Oh well… his loss. CIBAI MY LOSS ALSO LEH. Havnt reach Singapore Singapore already tax kau me SGD$50… NOT CHEAP LEH RM100 GONE LIAU. Nevermind lor.. consider it I went out with Ms. Amber and wasted RM100. HAHAHAHAH true also.. no diff hor? Go out with her then I pay all, fetch her here there. Cibai girl dont even give me head. So I think pay immigrations the RM100 I also bo-rasa. Its ok. Take it fool. YEAH YOU THE FOOL DUMB FUCKIN GRANDPAPA. Sigh….

Anyways… Ms. Amber decided to give me a call Friday afternoon. I was like WTF? Yeah.. its happening again. The fucking cruel cycle just wont end. As a matter of fact, I got a call from Ms. Mandy on the previous few days too. I mean… why do I always get stuck in this kind of routine? Try to go after a girl – fail – try to forget her by knowing more girls – fail the other one – try to forget them both – first one calls – talk with first one a lil more while trying to forget second one – second one calls while first one dissapears leaving you confused – second one dissapears – try to forget them both cos you predict they dissapear cos you failed – cycle starts over again. Its like… fuck… bad karma man. I died and reincarnated into a potato, some one fried me and eat me and shit me out and I become a potato again.

Ugh… anyways… Once I reached Singapore, I took a cab down to the hotel. It was damn near the bus stop and the way the taxi man took passed some posh houses. I thought to myself – wah damn best lor this time. CIBAI when I reached there my phone no credit and the receptionist girl fucking lansi so I walked to the nearest 7-11 to buy reload card. When I walk past I saw many many many many thai and indon and china mei mei walking around with sexy baju. I thought … eh… here got clubbing place meh? Mana tau.. I look up and see the sign board… IT WROTE FUCKING – ORCHARD TOWERS… HAHAHAHAHA CIBAI LOR… EQUIVALENT OF SUN COMPLEX. Fuck… Im staying in a 4 1/2 star hotel strategicly located in a red light district. Oh well… at least if I dont get lucky, I can still get pseudo-lucky right? Hahahahahhahaha….. sigh…

Met up with the gang and headed down to Macky-D’s for some supper. Saw some cibai biker boys trying to do BMX tricks in front of Shaw House. Weird… I look at them but somethin just wasnt right. OH YEAH they arent on fuckin BMX’s… Cibai the bikes all had suspension system and fucking DISK BREAKS! CIBAI DISK BREAKS YO…. Lucky not CF frame.. or I might just go amok. But this one particular dude… looked like a headless chicken. Fuckin kept on ramming this steps. Cycle fast – head down for aerodynamics la konon – wheely straight into a flight of steps – regain his consciousness – gostan to where he was before – repeat steps. Fuckin sorhai… must be some good shit he popped on earlier. SMACKED sial the guy. LOL.

Whacked a Mc Spicy which tasted totally cocks and headed back to hotel. SLEEP lah nothing else to do… Mr. Paul and Mr. KY also not ngam to go chiong :( Too bad Mr. Pharmacy Lim or Mr. Chen or Mr. Chui not there… hahaha sure go chiong at Orchard Towers liau!!

Woke up the next day for buffett breakfast. It was cocks. Had some Trix, some bacon, some friend rice, some omelette and fruit and a sausages. Finished up and went SHOPPING!!!!!! But cibai… the gang got expensive taste sial… Niama keep going CK lor, DKNY lor, AX lor, Dior lor, Guess lor.. mahai… I wasnt stress or angry ler… just quite bored cos all those brands not my taste mah… So just walk walk… I think Mr. KY thought I was emo hahaha but I was ok ler. Just a lil bored. Fucker Mr. Cheah went crazy with Ralph Lauren… Ms. Shirley went mad with bags (bags ok la… me also like bags ^_^) and shoes… MADNESS SIAL!!!

Anyways … we finally decided it was MY TURN TO SHOP!! So they all followed me to the destination of my own choice – FAR EAST PLAZA!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA where else you expect hor? Went a round of downstairs… walaneh … got one bag damn nice damn big damn bling damn yeng… but it was some cocks in house brand called “ZING” … Cibai damn beng lor the brand name. Nice is nice la.. but SGD$45 leh..EXPENSIVE OH. So walk more lor… then Ms. Shirley and Mr. KY found this happening shop called New World Order. KNNCCB THE BAJU THERE DAMN NICE. All focused around the theme of “NEWBIE” I have no idea why but yeah… hell yeah damn best. Bought 2 round neck tees… SGD$22 each. Oklah the quality all feels nice, prints all quite funky, XL size fits me well and sales girl so cute… hahahhaahahha I so wanna tap that ass.

Continued walking. FUCKER DAMN LAYAN SIAL. Its like a condensed sungai wang. Almost all the shops are nice to see. Didnt buy anything else from there, but the stuff there all damn nice. Its the kind of plaza I want to open if I was Bill Gate. Mahai… I so love Far East. ^_^

Left for Zouk Out at 8.30pm… or so we thought. Cipet… waited for Ms. Lili’s friend till abt 9.30pm. TULAN! Not because he late ler… but because we damn hungry !! hahahahha but that time I and Mr. Cheah quite “wing” already cos we whacking Big Gulp ^_^.

Anywayss…. not too long later, Mr. Singapore came in a van. Hahahaha first thing he said to us “welcome to the bang bug” Steady! Hahahaha… He brought us to east cost to makan.. Bedok or something like that lah the place called. Cibai everything looks like Jurong to me… You know.. All HDB flats left and right. Maybe its just me. Maybe Singaporeans will say the same when they go USJ HAHAHAH Fucking trauma man I tell you if they get lost in USJ. Worse than HDB area man. EVEN IM SCARED OF USJ LOL.

One thing is for sure. Singaporean food is damn suck cocks. We tried food from all the stores which had the sign “Official best food of bla bla bla by some cocks tv shop and newspaper”. Niama… All either tasted bland or tasted cocks. Lala was supposed to be “spiciest lala in bedok”. Cibai tasted like sai. No, it tasted DAMN COCKS! Then the bak kon lo mean or something like that. Tasted cocks. No! IT WAS TASTED LIKE SAI. Oklor… nvm… try the super special bak muey. This one… damn power. DAMN FUCKING POWER COS IT TASTED LIKE…. NOTHIN?!!! TASTED LIKE FUCKING RICE TAKE AND BOIL TILL SOFT AND EAT. KNNCCB. Sucks… food so so so sucks. But cheap lor. Mee one bowl SGD$2. Porridge SGD$3. Western chop SGD$4. Cost of living quite low lor hor? COST OF LIVING LOW, FOOD TASTE LIKE SHIT LOR!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHa

So after dinner, we set out for Zouk Out. Mahai I was expecting somethn better than the PD rave. I mean.. the PD Rave was in PD man.. THATS FUCKING COCKS RIGHT? Nah.. wrong.

Point No.1 – PD Rave had to park quite far away. If walk to the rave venue.. about 15 mins walk; Zouk Out have much more parking bays BUT if you want to walk to the venue from the bay its about 45 min to 1 hr walk. SORHAI RITE?

Point No.2 – Since its so far to walk, they provide shuttle buses. PD Rave shuttles came in the form of private cars – each car charge RM10 per ride. Fair enough. 3 minutes reach liau. ZO (Zouk Out) provided free shuttles in the form of “express” bus. However since its so fucking far to walk, everyone wants to get in the bus. Bus almost fell over sial. At any given time, at least 200 people trying to get into a 30 seater bus. Fuckin ang mohs pushing like fuck didnt help things. And they say they are from civilized first world bla bla bla… PUI FUCKING ANG MOH.

Point No.3 – PD is Malaysia. Malaysia quite less Ang Moh. The Ang Moh in Malaysia scared coz if they fuck up… for example go and tiu a keling or machan – gone lah… whole kampung come and pwn them. In Singapore… FUCKING LOT OF ANG MOH. Ang Moh think they damn king – locals give them so much face, all the local girls dying for Ang Moh partner too. Damn sickening. Ang Moh in general really damn sickening. Only one or two nice ones that night. Really drop my respect for Ang Moh now. Even though a first I dont like them already, now … PEI SZE them liau.

Point No.4 – Bad organization. PD rave had about 10k people. Zouk out … about 15k? I dont know. Dont quote me. These arent official figures – just some random numbers I generate from my brain. Sure, you guys got Nick Warren and Van Buren. Ours got Jungle Jerry I think LOL. But see the crowd. Fucking Ang Mohs keep pushing n shit and even climbing over the jungle to get through. Took us 2 hours to get into the rave propper. And by then… no mood lor. Crowd = bad (appart from some really nice locals. Say sorry when they ter-push, say excuse me when wanna go through. Not like fucking Ang Moh push and stare cock at you as if you are supposed to give way to them. FUCK YOU.) Organizers = bad (They had this superiority complex – ie. let lots of ang moh in through “exit” and push all yellow/black/brown people back to the que while shouting “Dont push or we wont let you through. Line up please. OI FUCKERS LINE UP NOW OR YOU CANT GO IN” Bastard organizers oni know how to suck ang moh kuku.) Venue = Horrible (PD Rave venue more suitable. Sand not even but at least got cement walkway – makes the rave look more classy. Cibai for the distance it took to get to the place, one would have expected it to be nicer lor. Oh well.) Media = unrecognized (good in some ways – this kelly got kicked out – he thought his Mediacorp press pass could get him and his kelly friends in the back door. OOPS GOT KICKED OUT AND ASKED TO LINE UP. But when I went to the “media” line – I showed my Juice Crew tag – not recognized, showed my name card with Juice logo – not recognized. Nevermind lor. Die meh? I got ticket anyway CIBAI. Then went inside I realize – hahahha FHM sponser ma.. .sure la wont recognize compettitor lol my bad).

Point No.7 – IT RAINED HAHA.

Point No.8 – I lost count didnt I?

Point No.9 – Too many gays – felt homophobic for periods of time. Especially when the Ang Moh uncle with nipple ring let this young thai looking dude lick his nipple. ARGH NIGHTMARES OF PD RE-OCCOURING?!!!

Bah… suddenly feel damn tulan after reliving the moments. I WILL GO SLEEP NOW. CONTINUE TOMOROW LAH CIBAI.


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I spy with my new pair of eyes…

December 8, 2005 at 12:48 am (Uncategorized)

What better way to ooze into my new “perspective” mode than to get myself a new pair of eyes aye?!

Well, its not actually 100% my bidding. The story goes like this – I wake up one day looking at the sunbeams shining though my window. I look at the mobile phone; “oh fuck me, I am going to be late for work!” I think to myself. I throw the phone down and catch a few more zzz’s. Its just this strange habbit I have. I cant or rather, wont allow myself to get out of bed unless:

a) My phone alarm breaks the snooze cycle – limited to 1 hour
b) My phone alarm stops ringing due to dead battery
c) My dad wants me to fix the internet
d) My mom wants me to do something
e) All of the above do not happen, and the alarm clock is on a rounded off number

I think point “e” makes me late most of the days. I mean, look at the fucking alarm. Its 7.58am. How can some one wake up at such an hour. I always tell myself to sleep for another two minutes and wake up at 8. That way, things will be better. Same goes for 8.12am. I mean, fuck, just sleep for another 3 minutes and all will be good. Wake up at 8.15am. At least its rounded to the nearest five rite? WRONG! HOW THE HELL CAN YOU WAKE UP AT 8.15am?!! AT LEAST WAIT TILL ITS 8.20am!! And so the cycle goes till its either too damn irritating to keep putting the alarm clock on snooze or till its 8.30am and “if I dont wake up now, Im fucked”.

So anyway, today I woke up at like 8.30am with my mom shouting into my ear. I left my ciggie boxes on the bed and couldnt be fucked if she saw them or not. She started telling me some stuff which I did not take the time to comprehend and ended up waking up trying to figure out what she just said. I searched the bed for my glasses only to pick up ONE FUCKING PIECE which was the right “arm”. I looked at my bed in horror. OMFGWTFBBQ I slept on my RM800 pair of silouettes. CIBAI. Broke sial. FUCKING TITANIUM FRAME MY ASS. At least I know that I can break titanium now, but still… CIBAI TULAN LOR.

So I dug out my old glasses. Damn retro sial. Round half framed yellow tinted glasses. MAN! I put them on and got an instant headache. Did some printing for a boss and went to office. CIBAI DAMN DIZZY AND HEADACHE. Ate lunch and wondered around MV for a decent bargain. “RM129 PACKAGE PLUS LENS”. Mahai sweet deal. I went into the optical shop next to carrefour. CIBAI all the frames like cock. Nevermind… cheap ma right? I test my eyes and find out that I do not qualify for the package lens. I have to add another RM300 for high index lenses. I say…”think about it”… but in the back of my mind – if today can then fuck it buy only. So I ask the dude “today can finnish ah?” and he goes “NO, 1 WEEK!! ^_^ “. Walaneh… 1 week right? KTHXBYE

Walk to Paris Miki, fuck the cheapest frame… RM300. Nevermind… Walk some more. Look at Gucci and Prada frames. RM800 – RM900. Nevermind. Go England Optical. End up with a RM100 frame, but have to pay RM300 for high index lens. Mahai print money meh. But what to do… Bo pien… then the frame look quite funky somemore… Since going SG for Zoukout.. might as well get something funky lor ho? FUCK SIGN CARD RM400 … Pain sial… DAMN FUCKING PAIN.

Hailat lor.. This month credit card bill sure pecah. Already owe RM1500… Now add RM400 for glasses and RM350 for the stupid bottle I opened just to impress Amber. Burn sial… Wasted RM750 for nothing. Half month salary gone. Havnt even give salary to my mom yet. Sigh… Damn tulan…. Sigh… Poor lor…. Any girl need my services ah? I just charge RM188 for 45mins. Come la… Im good for 8 session bookings.


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Good VS Bad

December 2, 2005 at 12:01 am (Uncategorized)

It doesnt pay to do good. The good guy doesnt get the girl. Instead, the good guy ends up looking like a fool. The good guy ends up getting taken advantage of. The good guy always ends up with an empty pocket. The good guy always gets fucked over. The good guy never wins. The good guy becomes a loser.

Crime doesnt pay, but doing bad isnt always doing crime. “Nan ren bu huai, nu ren bu ai“. The bad guy makes a fool out of ppl. The bad guy takes advantage of ppl. The bad guy ends up with bad money but its all good cos its still fucking money. The bad guy fucks people over. The bad guy doesnt win but he doesnt lose either.

Fuck it. I had enough of being the pseudo good guy. Doing good just doesnt pay off. I know first hand. Maybe Im being too tau fu. Maybe my mind got swayed off track by those “be nice to a girl, and she will be nice to you”. Damn… if that logic is correct.. then I should be fucking naughty to the girl hence she will be naughty to me. ^_^

Ive had enough of being fucked over. Ive had enough of being the loser. Its time to grab whats rightfully mine. No point feeling ji pei when no one gives two fucks if you jumo or you dont. No point feeling sorry when no one cares if you are. Noo point being down when people only push you further into the dirt.

Fuck. I must do what Mr. Chris told me to do. Be confident. Dont bother about other peoples assurances. Dont wait for other peoples encouragement. Just take what is yours, and be confident about doing it. Thanks Mr. Chris. I took your advise last night but only followed it half-heartedly and as a result I only got half of what I wanted. FUCKER you are damn sharp. Should ask you for advise more often.

Oh well… Enough ranting. After tonight, its going to be do or die. Confidence ma! But enough of confidence and evil and good and bad and girl and fuck-all. I spent today being KULI. Cibai… felt like one of those buroh kasar carrying the fucking adidas stand. Fucking heavy man. 4 of us guys try to carry also almost break bones. Probably made of tampered iron or somethin…

At a glance, this fucker might not look too big… but look at how tall it is. Cibai its taller than me. Hell its taller than our fuckin booth!!!!

So, whats the big deal with the adidas stand? For one, it probably holds the most valuable prize that anyone else at Pikom PC Fair is giving away – a pair of adidas_1 trainers worth …….. R M 9 5 0. Holy bejebus… thats NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY RINGGIT FOR A FUCKING PAIR OF TRAINERS. Hahahaha those punks are really gonna battle it out Im tellin ya!!

Spent the whole day with Mr. Ashley, the marketing dude (as seen posing with our buntings in the above picture) moving stuff, aranging stuff and eating the shit food they had in KLCC. For a convention center… its really sucks. End. At 11am, we boarded Mr. Firdaus’ lorry to move stuff from our office to the venue. Damn. I fucking love lorries now. See how near the fucker tiong the guy in front!!!!

Crazy guy right? WRONG! ITS ALL AN OPTICAL ILLUSION. Look at the small mirror on the bottom right side. Mahai… thats why those idiots have those weird looking round mirrors on the side of the lorry, bus, van, etc. Cos if compared to car, these vehicles have no nose. Our car got the cibai nose makes tiong-ing harder to do ma!.

But before 11am, I went for breakfast with Mr. Surin. Over breakfast, we talked about what I should do. He recons I should just dont call Ms. Amber for a few days then call her back and see if she is worried about my dissapearance. Good idea Mr. Surin but you dont know Ms. Amber. From the way I see it, she wouldnt give two flying fucks if I called her or not. Bah, all the morning anger made my tummy churn so I headed over to the Boulevard Hotel for a crap. Office cannot sai and smoke ma!! But on my way out of the hotel, I saw this sad sad sign…

Sigh… looks like I will have to wait a lil longer before I can just cross the road from my office for a quick cheong… ^_^ Which reminds me… I got appointment tonight to go Eastin for a session. Would rather go to Mint tho… but a part of me wants to have dinner with Ms. Amber?!! OH FUCK LA… Im my own worst enemy. I cant even make out what Im thinking… Sigh…..

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Fuck mornings

December 1, 2005 at 9:40 am (Uncategorized)

As you can see… Im not much of a morning person…

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