Good VS Bad

December 2, 2005 at 12:01 am (Uncategorized)

It doesnt pay to do good. The good guy doesnt get the girl. Instead, the good guy ends up looking like a fool. The good guy ends up getting taken advantage of. The good guy always ends up with an empty pocket. The good guy always gets fucked over. The good guy never wins. The good guy becomes a loser.

Crime doesnt pay, but doing bad isnt always doing crime. “Nan ren bu huai, nu ren bu ai“. The bad guy makes a fool out of ppl. The bad guy takes advantage of ppl. The bad guy ends up with bad money but its all good cos its still fucking money. The bad guy fucks people over. The bad guy doesnt win but he doesnt lose either.

Fuck it. I had enough of being the pseudo good guy. Doing good just doesnt pay off. I know first hand. Maybe Im being too tau fu. Maybe my mind got swayed off track by those “be nice to a girl, and she will be nice to you”. Damn… if that logic is correct.. then I should be fucking naughty to the girl hence she will be naughty to me. ^_^

Ive had enough of being fucked over. Ive had enough of being the loser. Its time to grab whats rightfully mine. No point feeling ji pei when no one gives two fucks if you jumo or you dont. No point feeling sorry when no one cares if you are. Noo point being down when people only push you further into the dirt.

Fuck. I must do what Mr. Chris told me to do. Be confident. Dont bother about other peoples assurances. Dont wait for other peoples encouragement. Just take what is yours, and be confident about doing it. Thanks Mr. Chris. I took your advise last night but only followed it half-heartedly and as a result I only got half of what I wanted. FUCKER you are damn sharp. Should ask you for advise more often.

Oh well… Enough ranting. After tonight, its going to be do or die. Confidence ma! But enough of confidence and evil and good and bad and girl and fuck-all. I spent today being KULI. Cibai… felt like one of those buroh kasar carrying the fucking adidas stand. Fucking heavy man. 4 of us guys try to carry also almost break bones. Probably made of tampered iron or somethin…

At a glance, this fucker might not look too big… but look at how tall it is. Cibai its taller than me. Hell its taller than our fuckin booth!!!!

So, whats the big deal with the adidas stand? For one, it probably holds the most valuable prize that anyone else at Pikom PC Fair is giving away – a pair of adidas_1 trainers worth …….. R M 9 5 0. Holy bejebus… thats NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY RINGGIT FOR A FUCKING PAIR OF TRAINERS. Hahahaha those punks are really gonna battle it out Im tellin ya!!

Spent the whole day with Mr. Ashley, the marketing dude (as seen posing with our buntings in the above picture) moving stuff, aranging stuff and eating the shit food they had in KLCC. For a convention center… its really sucks. End. At 11am, we boarded Mr. Firdaus’ lorry to move stuff from our office to the venue. Damn. I fucking love lorries now. See how near the fucker tiong the guy in front!!!!

Crazy guy right? WRONG! ITS ALL AN OPTICAL ILLUSION. Look at the small mirror on the bottom right side. Mahai… thats why those idiots have those weird looking round mirrors on the side of the lorry, bus, van, etc. Cos if compared to car, these vehicles have no nose. Our car got the cibai nose makes tiong-ing harder to do ma!.

But before 11am, I went for breakfast with Mr. Surin. Over breakfast, we talked about what I should do. He recons I should just dont call Ms. Amber for a few days then call her back and see if she is worried about my dissapearance. Good idea Mr. Surin but you dont know Ms. Amber. From the way I see it, she wouldnt give two flying fucks if I called her or not. Bah, all the morning anger made my tummy churn so I headed over to the Boulevard Hotel for a crap. Office cannot sai and smoke ma!! But on my way out of the hotel, I saw this sad sad sign…

Sigh… looks like I will have to wait a lil longer before I can just cross the road from my office for a quick cheong… ^_^ Which reminds me… I got appointment tonight to go Eastin for a session. Would rather go to Mint tho… but a part of me wants to have dinner with Ms. Amber?!! OH FUCK LA… Im my own worst enemy. I cant even make out what Im thinking… Sigh…..



  1. faridz7 said,

    YEAHHHH!!!! this is what im talking bout man! more bitch posts! yeahhh you rock!!! yeahh be miserable, yeahh more bitch posts, thats the way. damn human drama is like soooo interesting. yeahhhh! rock on wern shennn

  2. Charles said,

    I shall not agree to the demented comments left by Mr. Faridz7. I have come to accept you as my close friend due to the fact that you are you and for that alone you have earned many true (the way i see it) friends. Life may not always be rainbows and butterflies but it doesn’t have to be shits and flies unless you want it to be. Failure is an off track and there is a lesson to be learnt until you make failure a failure. I have no fucking idea why I am coming up with all these shits when i make myself sound like a fucking loser all the time. But anyway, I know first hand that it’s always easier said than done and so as the famous saying goes: “Be a man, Do the right thing”.
    -The Prophet-

  3. Charles said,

    when I read that again, i realise how gay that was… fuck!!! and please disregard the name “The Prophet”

  4. faridz7 said,

    “Life may not always be rainbows and butterflies”

    yup you said it right there. thats as gay as one can be.

    “I have come to accept you as my close friend due to the fact that you are you and for that alone you have earned many true (the way i see it) friends.”

    awww so nice of you. oh my daze, get a room and some balls! :D

  5. wernshen said,

    i hope saying what you had to say made your e-penis grew an inch longer. ^_^

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