I spy with my new pair of eyes…

December 8, 2005 at 12:48 am (Uncategorized)

What better way to ooze into my new “perspective” mode than to get myself a new pair of eyes aye?!

Well, its not actually 100% my bidding. The story goes like this – I wake up one day looking at the sunbeams shining though my window. I look at the mobile phone; “oh fuck me, I am going to be late for work!” I think to myself. I throw the phone down and catch a few more zzz’s. Its just this strange habbit I have. I cant or rather, wont allow myself to get out of bed unless:

a) My phone alarm breaks the snooze cycle – limited to 1 hour
b) My phone alarm stops ringing due to dead battery
c) My dad wants me to fix the internet
d) My mom wants me to do something
e) All of the above do not happen, and the alarm clock is on a rounded off number

I think point “e” makes me late most of the days. I mean, look at the fucking alarm. Its 7.58am. How can some one wake up at such an hour. I always tell myself to sleep for another two minutes and wake up at 8. That way, things will be better. Same goes for 8.12am. I mean, fuck, just sleep for another 3 minutes and all will be good. Wake up at 8.15am. At least its rounded to the nearest five rite? WRONG! HOW THE HELL CAN YOU WAKE UP AT 8.15am?!! AT LEAST WAIT TILL ITS 8.20am!! And so the cycle goes till its either too damn irritating to keep putting the alarm clock on snooze or till its 8.30am and “if I dont wake up now, Im fucked”.

So anyway, today I woke up at like 8.30am with my mom shouting into my ear. I left my ciggie boxes on the bed and couldnt be fucked if she saw them or not. She started telling me some stuff which I did not take the time to comprehend and ended up waking up trying to figure out what she just said. I searched the bed for my glasses only to pick up ONE FUCKING PIECE which was the right “arm”. I looked at my bed in horror. OMFGWTFBBQ I slept on my RM800 pair of silouettes. CIBAI. Broke sial. FUCKING TITANIUM FRAME MY ASS. At least I know that I can break titanium now, but still… CIBAI TULAN LOR.

So I dug out my old glasses. Damn retro sial. Round half framed yellow tinted glasses. MAN! I put them on and got an instant headache. Did some printing for a boss and went to office. CIBAI DAMN DIZZY AND HEADACHE. Ate lunch and wondered around MV for a decent bargain. “RM129 PACKAGE PLUS LENS”. Mahai sweet deal. I went into the optical shop next to carrefour. CIBAI all the frames like cock. Nevermind… cheap ma right? I test my eyes and find out that I do not qualify for the package lens. I have to add another RM300 for high index lenses. I say…”think about it”… but in the back of my mind – if today can then fuck it buy only. So I ask the dude “today can finnish ah?” and he goes “NO, 1 WEEK!! ^_^ “. Walaneh… 1 week right? KTHXBYE

Walk to Paris Miki, fuck the cheapest frame… RM300. Nevermind… Walk some more. Look at Gucci and Prada frames. RM800 – RM900. Nevermind. Go England Optical. End up with a RM100 frame, but have to pay RM300 for high index lens. Mahai print money meh. But what to do… Bo pien… then the frame look quite funky somemore… Since going SG for Zoukout.. might as well get something funky lor ho? FUCK SIGN CARD RM400 … Pain sial… DAMN FUCKING PAIN.

Hailat lor.. This month credit card bill sure pecah. Already owe RM1500… Now add RM400 for glasses and RM350 for the stupid bottle I opened just to impress Amber. Burn sial… Wasted RM750 for nothing. Half month salary gone. Havnt even give salary to my mom yet. Sigh… Damn tulan…. Sigh… Poor lor…. Any girl need my services ah? I just charge RM188 for 45mins. Come la… Im good for 8 session bookings.


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  1. Charles said,

    I lied and I’m sorry… the frames does not make you look like a Hongkie… makes you look like a “Sek Mo”

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