Spring Cleaning

December 22, 2005 at 11:32 am (Uncategorized)

Oooh.. I just love this time of the month. The two or three days immediately after deadlines are like heaven. Nothing Less work to do at office… Well… less productive work ler…
Yesterday I formatted my office PC… hahaha it was like.. damn best lor because whole day cannot do work. Today different story. Niamacibai come into office both boss not in. Not to say I want to curi tulang or what la… but then really nothing to do lor. KNNCCB. Anyways, I was supposed to be in office early morning to pass a Canon SLR to my colleague, but she not in office! CIBAI! Should have gone for launch…

Sigh. Now 11.35.. contemplating going for a hair cut but then I know if I drive down, later come back sure no fucking parking. Mahai. I tell you ah… the parking in Mid Valley is cocks man. Its so cocks that its FUCKING COCKS. For example, the other day I came back at 1.20pm. Made a round in the fucking jam – Zone G closed, Zone F closed, round more, Zone A – C closed. MAHAI PARK WHERE? JOCKEY AH?!! TIU NEI!!! RM 7 for 4 hours. I bodoh meh… not to say can claim… even if can… cibai one month only allowed RM30 for parking claims. 1 day if park for 7 hours = RM7 + (RM2 x 4) = RM15. WALANEH HALF MONTH PARKING CLAIM GONE! So I was thinking of taking a cab down to Orange Saloon lor. But then ah, think again – taxi sure about RM5 onwards. Never mind lor. Hair cut RM18 + RM5 (taxi) = RM23. Still reasonable. But the thing that isnt reasonable is trying to get back. Knowing the fucking Msian taxi drivers attitude sure when say “Mid Valley” he will start shaking his hand – TAK MAU TAK MAU JAM LA. JAM MAK KAU AH JAM. OMFGWTFBBQ! Suan la. I think just drive. But then… wait for about 5.30 like that lor. Since no not much work today, I can leave early maybe? If boss didnt come in can kua… ehehehhehe…

BTW, if you notice me doing many lots of strikeouts, its because almost all the blogs I read are doing it. Im like WTF why the fuck you striking out your words? I mean… looks funny ler… cool? Maybe oni lor. I mean… when you talk and you say “You have a nice rack… oops I mean hair” its different lor. Coz you were really looking at her rack right? Thats perfectly fine but just dont get busted like I did!! HAHAHAHHAAH… Anyways… maybe they trying to spice up their blogs a bit? Trying to make reading more enjoyable? Bollocks lah. Everyone has their own style. Let them do it. I will if I feel appropriate (dont know how to spell) I should. Or… maybe, when they were in secondary school, they no money to buy/steal liquid paper so they use ruler and cross out the wrong words! HAHAHA ya hor… why didnt I think of that before!! hahahahaHAHAHA!!

Man.. I havnt been blogging for so long. It feels like I have so much to say but dont know how to say it out in words. Might sound dumb ler coming from a writer (by profession) but tell you the truth – I have the same problem in work. I talked to my boss about it the other day and we came to two conclusions:

1) Im suffering from a lack in confidence. Maybe because of that, then I think twice or thrice or a gilion times before I actually type the thing out. I agree. I mean, its not the first time I have been told that I lack confidence. Ms. Hui Ni once told Mr. Ham that I lack confidence. I mean WTF is that about? Tell someone else but dont tell me? Fine. But Ms. Hui Ni is my “dai gar cher” so… if that floats her boat right? Hahahhaha wanker wankette.

2) Im too handsome and talented and Im in the wrong line. I should be model or super star celebrity chef or something like that! HAHAHHAHA nolah this one I just created myself.

Its not everyday you get to work in a job with a nice boss. My old boss at HSBC was a bitch. She was such a fake bitchy fucked up whore-like biatch. Eew… Fucking bitch. Yucks. Anyway she sucked. Not me but I mean in general. My current boss on the other hand – of which some of my friends met recently – is like damn different. He treats me like his lil bro (not that kind of lil bro ok… the human kind). If he unhappy with anything or notice anythign wrong or wanna tell me something, he will say “Eh fucker… come lets go smoke”. Its nice ler. Not to say I cannot tahan getting scolding but I think his approach is the way all bosses should approach their staff. Truth is, the way he does stuff reminds me so much of myself. Therefore I can relate to what he’s trying to say – and surprisingly he can relate to what I say and feel. Its nice ler. Its like we have this understanding – but not in a gay way. Sigh…

But back to ME… since thats what this blog is supposed to be about… I dont think I will update on the Part 2 of the Singapore trip. It was too long ago… forgot about it liau hahahahha!! But lets look forward – Christmas is coming up. Coincidentally, its on a Sunday (me thinks) so my mummy forced me to go church with her. Sigh. Oh well… to make her happy lor right?! :) Since Im such a hau soon son! HAHAHA YA RIGHT!! HAHAHAHA..

Friday night, Mr. Aaron is coming down. Dont think I will be partying that night – kinda had too much partying last week. Dont know what I will bring him to do. It seems like my life in KL is fucking boring. Its either:

a) Yum Cha at Wong Kok
c) Clubbing
d) Sleep at home
e) Snooker
F) Try to kau lui and end up making an ass of myself


Fuck lah. Play by ear la right? Oh ya before I forget!! I wrote two articles for EVO this month!! HAHAHAH the best part – I GOT TO DRIVE GTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA… pics pics pics ….

Roadster Brabus!!

“Artistic shot” :P


180kmh oni :(


We is a fucking original band called ‘telefon’ WTF!


  1. faridz7 said,

    wern shen is a sexy beast

  2. CathKhan said,

    Your boss sounds damn familer…

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