What makes you smile?

January 22, 2006 at 7:50 am (Uncategorized)

As gay as it may sound, I re-realized the two of the best things in life (two of many Im guessing). Two of which, I havnt realized in a long time. Two of which, I once knew, but forgot (or made myself forget?) over time.

I was at my senior’s (AVP of sales mmmkay, now thats pretty damn senior heh) wedding today, and as usual, there was the customary free flow of booze and foods. We were strategicly seated next to the door, so we could go in and out to smoke at will. Of course all that changed after the fourth course where we just smoked at our places and kept the doors open but thats a different story altogther rite? :)

Anyways, he has this video montage of him and his wife during the “jip seong moon” (sp?) ceremony. It was fucking hilarious Im tellin ya! The shit he had to go through – humiliating to an extent, gross to an extent. That shit kicks fear factor’s ass yo! hahahahha… But yeah, there was this other video, showing them as kids, as teens and as adults – showing when they first met, showing when they were dating. Then I realized – falling in love – IN LOVE – is a beautiful thing.

I remember back in the day, I fell in love ONCE. Heh, sorry yaal… the other times werent love. They were probably lust or well …. fuck … I just wanted to tap that ass. Lol. Crude, but true. I only fell in love once. And when I fell out of it, I guess I never ever did get back on the love train (ok ok that sounds more lusty than lovey dovey but fuck that rite?).

I always fucked things up before things could happen. I never let myself fall in love, coz I figured love is for wussy boys who want to get married before they tap that ass. Sure it might be noble and romantic n all, but I’ll be honest – for the past 5 years, all I ever wanted was to tap some ass. I guess I didnt want a relationship where commitment and love was involved. I might be speaking for tons of guys out there – we just want to tap that ass, thats why were saying stuff like I love you. Heh, hell, we would be left wanking off if we didnt rite?

But yeah, I realized that falling in love was one of the best things to happen to you. I realized that I might have been pushing myself too hard in the past (up to today). I realized that part of me didnt want to be in love, but wanted to be with a girl. That might not make sense, but yeah. Im guessing that all this while, I just wanted to skip the falling in love stage and expect things to just happen for me. Well dude, its your fault now. You and your video. Makes me wanna fall in love… argh…. ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a side note, my bro told me that I should go after seven chicks at once. Coz the ratio for men to women is like 7:1? So his rational is that well… seven to one rite? You do the math.

Fuck. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now…. >_Michael Learns to Rock – Sleeping Child

The milky way upon the Heavens
Is twinkling just for you
And mr. Moon he came by
To say goodnight to you

I’ll sing for you i’ll
Sing for mother
We’re praying for the world
And for the people everywhere
Gonna show them all we care

Oh my sleeping child the world’s so wild
But you’ve build your own paradise
That’s one reason why I’ll cover you sleeping child

If all the people around the world
They had a mind like yours
We’d have no fighting and no wars
There would be lasting peace on earth

If all the kings and all the leaders
Could see you here this way
They would hold the earth in their arms
They would learn to watch you play

Oh my sleeping child the world’s so wild
But you’ve build your own paradise
That’s one reason why I’ll cover you sleeping child
I’m gonna cover my
Sleeping child
Keep you away from the world so wild


  1. Charles said,

    all these dramas unfolding… sigh… and HANDS OFF THE CUTE AND INNOCENT SLEEPING GIRL!!!

  2. wernshen said,

    bodoh :P

  3. AH Lok Kor said,

    WAHLAU eh,, emo…Tooooo emo…..Wei bro, u thinking of fallin’ in lurve and getting married mehhhh…
    Wanna Tap that arse lehhh……Oh, and I agree on watching a sleeping chick :)

  4. cookiezmonsta' said,

    thank you….. for everything

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