Still …

February 4, 2006 at 4:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Ah.. its great to be back in KL. Greeted in usual KL style, I got totally mashed last night on some lovely white wine and a couple of shot guns. Charles joined us and was totally and absolutely smashed. Hahahaha wimp.

Anyways, I cant help but feel my self-esteem going down. Ive been trying everything I know. I try to show it sincerely, cunningly, smartly – but nothing seems to work. I guess I gotta face the fact. Its not gonna be me, huh? In my head I know that if I stick around, Im only gonna be the second choice. But is it worth the wait? Sigh… I need more booze.

1 Comment

  1. shirleybebe said,

    Sigh.. please forget about it!!
    Btw, thanks wern shen

    shirleybebe (^o^)–>

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