Careline? MY BALLS!

March 3, 2006 at 8:11 pm (Uncategorized)

I was damn excited when the 3G data card arrived at the office. I checked with Simon to see if the simcard inside was 3G ready, and he said yes. I reached home and plugged it into my Pc and within minutes I was online. Thanks Simon!

Then things started going wrong. I kept getting this weird error message in my browser – “You are not authorized to use this service”. I’m like… WTF? IM NOT FUCKING VIEWING PORN OR NUTTIN… yet…

Anyways, I did what anyone would do and call the Celcom customer service line. After navigating through a platroa of menus, I reached the operator.

*Call starts at 7.20 pm*

W: Hi. Im having problems with my 3G data card.
O: Oh. OK.

*tell her my details*

O: OK sir. You need to put the 3G simcard into a phone and call us with it.

Ok… fair enough. So I did it. She, by the way was the ONLY person who knew what a data card was.

W: Hi. Im having problems with my 3G data card.
O: Oh. OK.

*tell her my details again*

O: Sir, what model phone are you using?
W: Why is that relevant? Im having problems with the data card, not the phone.
O: Sir, is your phone a 3G phone?
W: What? No no, Im not using 3G on the phone. Im using it on the computer.
O: Oh…. ok, sorry Sir. Is your phone 3G compatible?
W: No. That’s why Im using the COMPUTER DATA CARD.
O: Oh. Sir, the problem is very simple…
W: Aha…
O: You need to go to the nearest Celcom center, and UPGRADE your SIM CARD to a 3G..
W: WHAT?! The sim card is already 3G. I was using 3G already. Im just having some…
O: No, sir. You need to upgrade to a 3G sim card.
W: Look.. It is a 3G sim card.
O: Ohhhh!!! It’s a problem for the technical department. Hold on please.

*transfers call to about 6 wrong departments*

O: Selamat petang tuan.
W: Erm… hello? Im having… Saya ada problem with saya 3G data card.
O: Ok tuan. Adakah telefon tuan telifon 3G?
W: Saya tidak guna telefon untuk 3G. Saya guna data card….
O: Ohhhh.. boleh saya tahu model telefon tuan?
W: Saya ada masalah dengan data card.. kenapa mahu tanya tentang telefon?!!!!!
O: Data card?!!
W: Data card! Untuk 3G. Dari Celcom.
O: Oh…. encik guna talian mana untuk 3G?
W: Celcom….
O: Oh… masalah 3G ye? Saya tidak tahu le tuan. Saya bukan technical departmen..
W: Tadi saya di-transfer ke sini. Saya minta untuk technical departmen!
O: Oh. Sini departmen pra-bayar. Saya tak tahu.
W: Transfer saya ke departmen technical sekarang. *dulan oredi*
O: OK!

*puts me on hold for almost 8 minutes*

O: Helo tuan. Tuan hanya perlu tambah nilai.
W: *swt*
O: Ye, hanya perlu tambah nilaii.
W: Thanks.

*Call ends at 8.00pm*




  1. raz said,

    I get what u mean man, I spent nearly an hour with maxis, they kept passing me around because none of them had any idea what i was talking about. I got so pissed off with this, everytime I have a problem with my sim card or handphone, i just go straight to their office. Sometimes I don’t know why i put up with itlah. Do something about it mr journalist

  2. cathkhan said,

    lmao lmao

  3. AH LOK KOR said,


  4. Charles said,

    i dun believe… turtles can’t fly… you liar

  5. raz said,

    i know turtles who happen to be ninjas though

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