Sorry my balls

March 15, 2006 at 11:07 am (Uncategorized)

Sorry is such an over used word. People shoot it out of their mouths blindly – without even thinking what the word should mean, without really feeling the need to say it. They just say it to make themselves feel better, when in actual fact, it should be said to make the receiver feel better.

Pfft. Well you know what? Dont fucking say it if you dont mean it. Dont say you mean it just cause you see me bitching about it now either motherfucker. The more you say it, the less people are going to appreciate your little act of comfort. ACT of comfort. Hahaha. Mother fucker.

So, if you’re feeling like you owe someone an apology for no aparent reason, I’d suggest you down a big tall cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP. Saying empty sorries isnt going to help – it will only make you look like a fucking jack ass (unless you already do, it’ll make you look like an idiotic motherfucker instead).

Popping up unannounced and uninvited just to drop a sorry and then dissapearing doesnt help. It only makes you look like a bigger motherfucker. But then again, maybe that’s what you want to look like? Maybe that’s what you’re trying to achive? Maybe you’re just retarded? HAHA.



  1. Charles said,

    hey dude… why so emo…??? who is this blog targeted at?
    please do enlighten me bro… chill out, i bring you go kai kai… FASTER TELL ME WHO YOU TALKING ABOUT…

  2. wernshen said,

    yo mama

  3. Charles said,

    ehh you damn fucker larr cibai… my mum treat you so bloody good weh… how can you have the heart to be a fucking bastard like this??? CIBAI YOU!!!

  4. iling said,

    so emo! sheesh* then say bad things about charles’s mama- now you have to say sorry! rude lil brat. ha!

  5. Charles said,

    thanks you dear iling

  6. wernshen said,

    SORRY charles. lets kiss n make up.

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