Proton Hero

March 18, 2006 at 5:59 am (Uncategorized)

It’s not often you’ll hear this – Proton owned Toyota.

Went over to Sepang for ATB’s gig. It was wonderful. Decided to abstain today, so I had 4 bottles of mineral water (RM10 x 4) and a coke (RM10 x 1) instead. I had fun. Saw this nice looking girl, but didn’t dare to chat her up. Anyways, girl, if you’re reading this, do drop me a line… hahahaha as if. *dreams on*

Anyways, left venue at about 1.30am. ATB had left and it was DJ Montreal / Monaco / Monghomary something playing hard house. It was pretty decent, but we were shit tired. We decided to leave, and once I pulled out of the parking lot and was down the road, some dumb fucking cunt smashed into the side of my car. Damn tulan. Had to spend 1 hour locating the “nearest” police station. Fucking pain I tell ya – especially when I had to lug him around in my car, since my car completely owned his. HAHA.

The contender – Wern Shen – steps out from the red corner (police station)

Walking off into the sunset (sunrise) to face battle…

Proton Wira – Exhibit A

Proton Wira – Exhibit B

Proton Wira – Exhibit C

The remains of the Toyota Vios – WHO’s THE JEW NOW MOTHER FUCKER!


  1. Charle's Killer said,

    hahahaha the vios was ripped apart like fucking Lego! hahaha. I should have known better that letting the bogeh ride with u was a big mistake. hahaha pei hai

  2. iling said,

    lame vios driver! he looked so scared sitting in the car with you… what a way to end the night! :)
    p.s: wern owned kimi ‘jew’ raikonnen’s ass too! *huahuahua

  3. Charles said,

    FUCKER… really ripped his bumper out whole man… hahaha and why suddenly got charle’s killer? To my judgment, that should be mr. lim? Maybe you drive better when you are drunk cos you’re more alert. You never had problems driving under the influence of alcohol… guess you were too sober to drive.

  4. faridz7 said,

    charles is a drunk.

  5. Sheerbliss said,

    what happened to the vios guy?

  6. ashesangel said,

    HAHAHA NICE ONE DUDE!!! PROTON ROCKS!! BUT DIDNT U SAY SOME ONE ACTUALLY RIPPED OFF THE MO FO BUMPER!!! *grins* … pity the fella must be scared shitless when he saw your hair @.@

  7. raz said,

    give him one big slap across the face ‘wern shen special’, why the hell the guy didn’t see u pull out?

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