March 29, 2006 at 1:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi mofos. It’s been a while, I must admit, and tons of shit has gone down. I planned many entries, and I shall not make up any sappy excuses as to why I haven’t been updating – there’s only one reason, which is the truth: I’VE BEEN TOO FUCKING LAZY HAHAHA. Oh, and I’ve started playing another MMORPG, so that should be self explanitory enough. GG.

Anyways, here’s a quick update to what’s been goin down recently.

1. I got my new car already. It’s not the tiboo green that I initially planned to get, nor is it the red one. It’s the black one, so yeah. It’s black.

2. Went to catch the Sepang F1 race, grand stand ticket/transport/beer/F1 gear courtesy of O2. I was pretty worried when I didn’t come prepared – I didn’t have my sunblock (not that I tan anyway), my ear plugs (I did bring the Zen tho..), my cap (I gelled), binos (to check out the supposed scantily clad female spectators with), and an airy t-shirt (resorted to a red soccer jersey which made people think I was a Ferrari buff, pfft) – O2 provided us with a kick ass goodie back containing all the shaits that we would need, and more! Thanks Addy!

3. Had a round of seafood in Kuala Selangor, for our second weekly pseudo-singles night out. Planned the third outing to Malacca, but due to the last minute nature of the planning, response was, in the lack of another word – FUCKED. I ended up being the only member of the KL crew in Malacca, but it was still kick ass. Big-up to all the Malacca crew, especially those who ain’t in KL – Kenny K, The Horrible, Jem ICE & special guest appearance by Pilot Z.

4. Looks like April is goin to be a busy month – I have a trip down to JB planned on the 6th and 7th, so any JB folks out there, drop me a line so we can indulge in some dodgy stuff together – I’m gonna a good guide, cos cheonging alone in a strange foreign place isn’t really my cup of tea. Hints of other trips – i.e. enquiry from Kingston for the Computex fair in Taiwan leave me wondering…

5. I’ve finally got my hands on a SLR! It might not be the most professional/popular models out there, but I reckon it’s something good to start out with – it’s the Olympus E330. So far, so good – I’ve successfully perved tested the camera at an event earlier today – the results: mmmmmm…

6. Supposed to get a review car lined up – either an Alfa or the new Civic. No news on that yet tho…

7. Drooling over the prospect of receiving the new Dell 30-inch (yes, thats T-H-I-R-T-Y) LCD monitor. God damn, I don’t even know if it’ll fit on the fucking desk!!

8. I started MMORPG-ing again. It’s the closest thing to WOW that I’ve played so far and it’s called Silk Road Online and it’s free! It uses a Gunbound-ish system, whereby you can BUY stuff for cash. It’s fucking cool and addictive and shit, and even Mr. Han is playing it. So be warned: I’m going to be extremely anti-social after working hours, and if you do plan to join this game, drop me a PM in-game.

9. A friend of mine joined the Haier Super Star search. I had no fucking idea the thing even existed, so just for kicks, I registered myself too! Hah, eat that mofos. So vote for me, and I promise world peace!!! VOTE HERE MOFO.

I swear there’s something I’m missing out here, but fuck that.



  1. ashesangel said,

    WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!! oh ya u forgot to say that you are “too far into the closet”

  2. Charles said,

    i voted for you dude… at least get to rub off some glamour from you later on IF you do somehow manage to win

  3. raz said,

    wweh…please post some updates on the slr camera? im thinking to get canon eos350d…or how’s that olympus camera good?

  4. raz said,

    eos350d- like paul’s camera

  5. Sreenivasa S said,

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