May 15, 2006 at 2:44 am (Uncategorized)


Hahahah maybe not..

My blog has been dead for quite a while – but it’s not like I’ve had NOTHING to write about… On the contrary, I have tons of shit to (write about), but it’s just this nagging feeling that I have in me – OH YES! It’s called laziness.

By golly me, I think the world is turning upside down. Someone actually asked me for advise – not just the pansy “I like her la… how ah” kind. No no my brethren, it’s the “should I continue my studies or not” kind. Phew… what a dumb kid.

I proceeded to pwn him about what he should/shouldn’t do, and that’s that. One thing’s for sure – these new aged kids are real pricks. Pricks in every sense of the word. They expect to be fed with all the experience and education they need from their uni. Well bollocks to that. They can bitch about how little practical experience they get from uni, but cant be bothered to work on getting it themselves. This particular guy, wants to work in the TV production line, and says that uni doesnt give him enough practical. I told him to STFU and go get it yourself. Jeez… make a short movie, and edit it, and viola – one piece of exprience. Go do your internship and viola, yet another piece of experience.

I don’t want to sound like a bitch even though I am one, but yeah kid – use some of that stuff you call a brain. Dont expect everything to be given to you. Dont expect a big fat pay check upon graduation. Dont expect working life to be a walk in the park. Dont expect to go anywhere in your career without even a basic education. Dont expect pricks like me to talk to you with proper sentences, and not fucking you for asking stupid questions.

And what would I classify as a stupid question? “Which is better? 10 A’s and no experience or 1 A and lots of experience?”. Thats stupid. What’s a stupid assumption? “If I work for the 2 years it takes me to complete my degree, I would get enough experience to cover it back”. Thats just stupid.

From my view, especially in broadcasting, education IS essential. Just look at a mixer. As a production assistant with no experience and no degree, I seriously doubt that the company will let you fool around with the machine – just so you can get experience. You’ll probably have to spend a year of discreet “spying” to understand the functions. You’ll probably only need two months in uni to know the usages and maybe a few more years to perfect your skills. Get my drift?

But, tell you the truth, I’m not half fucked at what this kid is going to do. He could end up on the streets for all I care. Hah! Yes, I make fun of retards and pour salt on peoples wounds. I kick animals and slap babies. Im a mean guy. Thats what I do the best!


  1. jonboy60 said,

    Hmm… i understand wat u complaining abt.. But what wif the pic?

  2. wernshen said,

    its to emphasize how mean i am like in my last paragraph ^^

  3. sinhan said,

    hahaha picture pwns…
    chill lar let him do what he wants. It’s because of ppl like him that we have something to laugh and talk about hahahah

  4. Paul said,

    voila -.-

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