May 29, 2006 at 12:11 pm (Uncategorized)

Its’ been an OK week. Met up with the gang, and it’s nice to see how everyone’s getting on with their lives. After a week of lazing in the office, it’s about time the work starts flowing in. Got my source files, so yeah.. at least I wont be bored to death sitting infront of the PC and trolling forums :)

Anyways, been hanging out with the club guys allot recently. I’ve always found “internet” friends to be more genuine – they have less politics surrounding their meets. Sure, you’re probably gonna call us a bunch of geeks, but at least they dont bring their personal agendas and perogatives out with them.

Went to KLIMS last week on the press preview day, under one of the few press priviledges i have left. It was pretty OK… OK only lah I guess… Girls looked pretty thrashy this time around, but it aint their fault their bosses want them to look that way huh? The Honda girls looked horrible… they had this Aeon Flux meets China Dolls hairstyle theme which, honestly, was an eye sore. The Mitsubishi girls were ok, but top points go to Volvo – classy and sexy. Mmm mmm good.

On a side note, I’ve been reading through a throng of anti-LB blogs. All I can say is get a life folks. Honestly, you fucked up in your venture and turning sour. Immature? Indeed. You blame it on brain washing? I blame it on personal greed and of course stupidity. It’s like smoking your whole life and when you get cancer, you blame it on the ciggies. It’s like speeding on a highway and when you get saman, you blame it on the highway’s “low” speed limit. Take a hint guys, you aint helping no one by bitching about it – you’re just making yourselves look like loosers. Complain to the govt. ? Why? It’s a legal business entity. Make a police report? Why? Cos you’re too stupid to distinguish a good opportunity and a stupid one? Oh, sure I might hate LB too, but it’s not because of the money. See, I’m smarter than you guys, by saying NO when I had to.



  1. Anonymous said,

    what is anti-LB lar?

  2. jonboy60 said,

    hahaha visit my blog.. u can other than honda showgal pic.. hhehe

  3. AH LOK KOR said,

    Spot On with the Volvo errrrr…. chicks. The Mazda girl posing with the SUV concept look like Ah KUA… :)

    LB = Lamp Berger….

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