To leave or not to leave?

October 19, 2006 at 1:53 pm (Craps, GY 白 TULAN)

Nope. I’m not leaving my new job just yet.

It’s just that I’ve been given an option here, which some of you might have already heard of. Now for the benefit of those of you who don’t, my company plans to break into the USA market. I, as the freshest member of the team (and the only one who didn’t have any accounts to handle) was shortlisted to be sent over to pioneer the market.

Everything was fine and dandy – my mind was pretty much made up that this would be good for my career. I decided that leaving my home, my parents, my friends and my girlfriend for a year and a half would do me good. It was a hard decision to make, but I made it regardless.

Then, four days ago, the dude who sat opposite me decided to call it quits. He decided that he didn’t want to work here anymore and dropped my manager a nice one liner; “I quit“. As the fresh meat, I was assigned to take over his accounts, which I am doing now with much gusto. Oh, did I mention, he was handling India, Pakistan and Africa. Yay. Joy.


Knowing that if I didn’t speak up regarding my pseudo-enthusiasm for these accounts, I managed to slip in the topic of USA to my manager (who conveniently forgot about it). He gave me an option. In a week or two, there will be a new staff joining. If I decide to keep the current accounts, he’ll be assigned to USA. If I decide that I want to go to the States, then these accounts would be passed to him.

Simple isn’t it? Well, not really.

I’m having mixed thoughts now. Seriously. Now, lets just forget the Nigerian scammers and Tamil Tigers for a moment and look at the pros and cons of the two options.



  1. It’s the fucking States!
  2. Never been there before.
  3. Free food, free accomodation, free car. Keep current salary, but collect daily allowance.
  4. New culture (pseudo-new), new environment.


  1. Away from home.
  2. Away from GF.
  3. Away from friends.
  4. New culture – NEW ENVIRONMENT.
  5. No seniors/colleagues to teach me shit.

Stay here and handle Africa/India/Paki


  1. Untouched market – lots of potential.
  2. Stay home.
  3. Might get to scam a new car from my dad *cough*second hand BMW*cough*


  1. No USA.
  3. No exposure/experience of working overseas.
  4. GF going to Singapore to work next year.

Well… in a nutshell, going to USA is a pretty good choice. If I decide to go, I better make it known so I can get my visa done in time to go to the SEMA show in Vegas. Fuck. I want to go. But I dont. It’s confusing… no?


  1. blisstic said,

    I say GO!! Give US a shot…
    You can always come back and handle some other accounts 1 1/2 yrs later.

  2. Charles said,

    Wtahcha waiting for man… so many opportunities in the States and also… you get to try out the originals of so many things… ori McD’s, ori Starbucks, ori Durex, ori Wrigleys, ori Coke, ori Paris Hilton, ori char kuey teow…. oooooshhhhhhhh…. so whatcha waiting for, grab it while it’s there…. unless you prefer curry of course, but in States should have Gaylord also… the gayest of indian food chain…. then can order chicken tikka bermasalah and beef been-in-da-loo

  3. Pun Pun Rider said,

    mmm ori paris… mmmm….

  4. AHLOKKOR said,

    I might not recognize u when u get home…..

  5. lili said,

    hahahah GOOOO!!!!

    which part? and I have tried Gaylord in LA before. it is ok…hahha…

    and Vegas is awesomeeee….beautiful hotels, buffets galore, shopping, shows, and oh yeah …gambling. hahah. whatcha waiting for! don’t pass up opportunity!

  6. -ReagaN- said,

    Go ler… once in a lifetime experience…
    Not everytime u get something like that…
    GIve it a try … lol… specially those ORI stuff Charles said…
    Maybe can witness another 911 leh…

  7. Pun Pun Rider said,

    lili : i’ll be initially stationed in LA. i guess i gotta try gaylords then :)
    lok kau: i mean lok kor: ya man. i’ll be more leng zhai than you can ever imagine.
    regan: can.. just not with me in it

  8. erizabesu said,

    GO! i mean to the states….

    GO GO GO!!!

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