The choice…

October 20, 2006 at 5:10 pm (Announcement)

Thanks guys for the feedback. My decision was made a little easier after reading them.

One thing’s certain now – I’m in the running to go over to the States. I voiced out my thoughts to my manager (which I just found out also happens to be my company’s assistant GM) on my current status (i.e. PAKI LOVIN) and gave it to him sweet and simple; the Paki/India/Africa accounts will be handed over to freshmeat once I’m confirmed to go over.

One thing that still lingers in my head is the response I gathered – 100% of respondants encouraged me to leave M’sia.  Being the kuai lan guy I am, it’s either because they really belive that going to the States is actually going to be good for me/my career/my purse OR it’s because they don’t want me around.

Nah… just kidding guys. I know you all love me.

Speaking of love… damn I really broke the bank this time. More updates on that matter to come in the next post or two.

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