I love lunch

December 7, 2006 at 2:17 pm (Craps, Useless Information)

Since my return to Stuff Towers, my daily lunch ritual has pretty much been set in stone. I don’t eat at the same restaurant every day, if that’s what you’re thinking, but rather I follow the same procedures in fulfilling my one hour lunch break.

Usually, my lunch process starts before 12pm. I get into a confracall-ish discussion with a couple of my colleagues about where to eat. We usually decide by 12.30pm and proceed to the designated restaurant in Mid Valley.

After lunch proper, we head down to P1 on the context of “paying for parking ticket”. However, before we can reach level P1, we have to brave through crowds of la mei‘s (thats hot chicks for you non-chinese speaking ones) and the hoard of free loaders hanging around just off the escalators to level LG.

Two days ago, I couldn’t help to wonder what the FUCK all these free loaders were after, and went undercover. With my expertly crafted freeloader uniform on, I blended into the crowd effortlessly, and within seconds was approached by a Santa-hat cladding promoter girl.

She pushed a basket into my face offering me a taste of what she had to offer. Personally, I was hoping for one of two things:

1) Wads and wads of cash.
2) The key card to her room in Boulevard Hotel and a complimentary one hour session of Christmas lovin’

I started to wonder, and wonder, and wonder, until Mr. Gui proudly pronounced that “This bread is damn steam weh!”.


But yeah, since I’m a sucker for free food tryouts (i.e. nuggets and sausages and instant noodles @ supermarkets), I helped myself to a piece of the Bologna Gion bread.


Ever since that moment, there has been no turning back. It has become part of our daily lunch ritual and it can never be stopped now. Well, at least until they decide to stop feeding freeloaders like us and pack up shop. Oh, did I mention that that shit costs like RM18 per loaf? Hell yeah.

OK. So enough about the heavenly bread (rates above Roti Boy, which was once bestowed with the priviledge of tasting like “a bite of heaven”), and lets get on with the lunch ritual.

We will then proceed to the stall rite next to the bread place and indulge in a cone of RM1 Yogi Yogi Mixed flavor ice cream.

With cone in hand, we proceed to the escalator to level P1 and pay our parking fees.

The collection of the payment recipts marks the end to our hour long adventure into the wonderful world we call “Lunch Hour”.

We walk back to the office and get on with our work.

The rest is quite boring, so I’ll give it a rest.


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
By the way, this is what that bread stall looks like.

Go bananas boys.

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