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December 13, 2006 at 10:52 pm (Announcement, Blogroll, Tech)

Yeap – it’s official.

I’m been put in charge of a tech blog that’s being run by my company. Seeing the sucess (both in terms of editorial content and advertising revenue) of other techblogs around the world like Engadget, Gizmodo, The Register and The Inquirer, it was only a matter of time before my company went back to its internet roots.

I’ve always been a fan of blogging since my highschool days, where I had to do everything in notepad and upload them to the shit we now call GeoCities, and then moving on to the community gaming blog – Challenge-MY. Being an avid blogger myself, I welcomed the project with open arms.

Hell, I’ve got a great team to work with so I’m guessing that this’ll be quite a breeze too!

Team members:

Editor – Chan Wern Shen
Sub Editor – Chan Wern Shen
Senior Writer – Chan Wern Shen
Writer – Chan Wern Shen
Technical Person -Vijay a.k.a Low Yatt . Net founder

Told you it was a great team! I guess I won’t be having deadline problems with my staff eh? LOL!

Anyways, as usual I’m always open to suggestions and of course contributions (all of which will be credited accordingly, of course). But then again, before sending shit over take note of the “Top 3 questions not to ask me:”.

Top 3 questions not to ask me:


Q: Do you get paid extra to do this?

A: Not yet, only because I just started on this project today. I see it as a great suppliment to my magazine and I guess if I can develop it then I’ll probably ask for a raise during my next appraisal. *hint to bosses who read this blog*


Q: Can be a writer for that blog?

A: Sure. But not just yet. The blog is still new, and I have to work out how contributions will go.


Q: Who chose that fucking domain?

A: It wasn’t me.

Now with all that cleared up, I proudly present you with the TechUpdater! It’s still new, so give me a chance ok?


  1. charles said,

    Can I be a writer and write about emo stuff arr?

  2. faridz said,

    charles..you’re emo? are you emo wern shen? you dont seem like it. emo ppl are never fat cause fat ppl means youre prosperous and healthy and all that crap

  3. danielctw said,

    wat the u’ve moved here.
    Anyway have a go at ur blogging ehh…and you really get to meet with vijay.

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