January 25, 2007 at 3:59 pm (Craps)

Hi kawan kawan.

I know it’s been quite a fucking while since I’ve updated, but when you’re busting your arse to chase deadlines, blogging becomes less and less of a priority – es-fucking-specially if your day job is being a writer.


But hey, there’s no better way to start a post than by starting it with a humungous cliche so here it is: A NEW YEAR, A NEW BEGINNING. HAHAHA!!

Yes my dear friends. This year is a year of change for me – again. Fuck. It seems like every year is a year of change, but hey, if you dont like it then FUCK YOU. ^_^

First off – I quit my job AGAIN. Yeah. Bite me. I quit Catcha in October. I quit BSA in December. I rejoined Catcha and quit again this month! Hahaha! Sure no employee of the month for me any time soon, but fuck that. Imagine if I won employee of the month, and received my picture stuck on the certificate. I can give it to my mama and she will frame it up and hang it in the study room, next to my graduation picture. HAHAHA! Make the whole fucking room look like Mc Donalds! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA GG!!

Anyways, I’ve changed jobs again. I ditched Stuff magazine for a new title called Digital Lifestyle. I got a double promotion during these 3 months and 2 pay hikes. As Borat would  say, “Very nice, how much?”. Well FUCK YOU. It’s a secret. But it’s safe to say that I’ll start to have enough income to start repaying those of you whom I owe money. Nice ah?

Well, my new office is in Dataran Prima, so if you’re in the area, CALL ME OUT AND BUY ME LUNCH LA YOU FUCKERS. Enough of SS2, come to fucking Aman Suria la. It’s just across the street. We can eat BAO BAO PAN NOODLES or the Godly and superbly powderful PAPA CHOPS AND MAMA GRILLS. Nice wei you pukimaks.

I might be moving out from my place to my companie’s “hostel” located in Tropicana, but nothing’s concrete yet. Oh and my GF has found a job in Singapore, so if anyone wants to apply for the almighty priviledge of being the part time girlfriend of the great and wonderful (but innocent and good boy) Wern Shen, then drop me a line.

I wish to write more but I’m in a rush to snake out of the office and meet up with the PANTIES PRINCE, Charles and the PLANELESS PILOT, Captain Darrell.


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