The Amazing Carrot

February 2, 2007 at 11:04 am (Craps, Useless Information)

I was going to start today’s post with something about The Amazing Race Asia, but then I remembered that not everyone watched the Thursday episode where Joe Jer and Zabrina WON US$100,000.

Oops. Premature typejectulation?

Oh well. :)

I started a pseudo-diet today – a sorta detox thingy if you will. I’m planning to start my days now with some vegetables or fruits, and gradually let them take over more and more meal times. Hon San recommended I go through a weekend of fruits and vege detox, but I think that’ll be a little harsh on me.

I started the day with a box of carrots – three raw, peeled and fucking humungous red (orange?) carrots. I had one in the car, and to be honest, I was fucking stuffed. I thought I was good till lunch, but I ended up chomping down another one when I reached the office.

One thing’s for sure – it sure beats the flying fucking hell out of the sleepy feeling I usually get after downing a packet of Tiong Nam Pork Nasi Lemak. Mmm… I’ll reserve that for weekends.

Anyhows, I think I’m going to be serious on this dieting thing. If what I read is true, detoxing yourself with veggies and fruits makes you feel more fresh and energetic (to a certain extent). We’ll just have to wait and see tho… :)


And the next one is specially for you Mr. Charles….


1 Comment

  1. blisstic said,

    The bouncing potato is soooo cute. Kinda reminds me of Charles… hahaha

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