Lunch and Stuff

February 6, 2007 at 4:25 pm (Craps, Useless Information)

I’ve been in the office since 7AM today, so lunch time was a welcome escape from my desk. I had lunch at 1Utama today, so since I was there, I decided to pick up my bus tickets for my Singapore trip.

The Aeroline office was nice and comfy, so I guess waiting for the bus won’t be that boring. The staff were surprisingly chirpy today too. Weird huh? Oh well. More cam shots from the Samsung NV3 coming up…


I was listening to this morning, and they mentioned something about an autographed broom stick. I guess that word stuck in my mind…


Shotos of my 3 hour lunch break @ Chatterbox, 1Utama.


Tickets! Picture shot using the NV3’s “Text” mode.


RM80 a piece. The price we pay for convenience….

So after lunch, it was back to the office. I was here the whole morning… ALONE. Yeah.. it sounds depressing huh? But then again, I guess it also means that I can do virtually anything I want in the office without anyone noticing – ie. walk around nude or give some one a good boning on my desk. Like Borat would say, “Very nice”.

So as an added bonus, here’s a quick glimpse of my work space….


Wel, hey. It’s my very own corner with a window view. Snazzy.


A little bit messy only lah…


I keep the essentials under my desk – ash tray, Zippo fluid & toilet paper.


My desk organizer (which doesn’t look very organized), portable HDD full of pr0n and tupperwares which I never remember to take home.


A lucky cat on my monitor. Like they say, always keep the pussy near.


The money shot – my coffee flavoured nuts.


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