Traveling South

February 6, 2007 at 8:38 am (Craps)

I’m going down to Singapore this weekend, and I couldn’t help thinking back on my previous trip to Singapore with Charles.

Technically, it wasn’t a trip with him. I flew down for a press event, while he braved a 7 hour bus ride. I was supposed to share my hotel room with him, but shit happened and I had to share it with a fellow journo instead. Thank goodness he was able to bunk over at a friends place instead.

Oh yes, shit did happen.

But back to the story, it was a fucking good trip. We had fun. We chilled out. We ate local food. Charles had to run back to the hotel room to leave the food local. We ran around Orchard Road aimlessly, like a pair of blind mice.

One incident I still find funny is how we got lost along Orchard Road. As we were back tracking our way to the hotel, we made the mistake of choosing two bad landmarks – ie. the Ralph Lauren and Gucci boutiques. I mean like… FUCK THERE WERE AT LEAST A DOZEN OF THEM ALONG FUCKING ORCHARD ROAD.


And then there was the buy-one-free-one Long Island Tea. Niceeee~~~

I wonder when our next trip will be? Things havn’t been all that rosy between us ever since, but it’s mostly my fault.

I wish it would be just like the good ol days.

Oh and don’t worry Charles, I’m working on it. :)


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