Pretty A-Muse-ing

February 7, 2007 at 4:27 pm (Craps, GY 白 TULAN, Useless Information)

Muse. What’s the big deal about them?

All around me, I can hear/see people going crazy over them! Did I miss something out?

I saw their concert poster strung around town, and didn’t actually pay any attention to it till Lyn pointed them out. Aparently she was facing some rotten luck with their concert, because she was missing all the concert dates due to trips here and there. At that point of time, I could honestly say that I had never ever heard of their music before. God damn, to be totally honest, I actually thought those were the Il Divo posters. HAHA!!

But anyway, I guessed that since Lyn liked Muse, then they ought to be pretty good. When I got home, I downloaded obtained their album from bit torrent somewhere, and gave them a good listen. Guitar rifts and emo-ish tunes – sounded like a mashup of Coldplay (think Starlight) and Korn (two minutes through Assasin). But that was it. They didn’t leave a lasting impression on me.

I paid little attention to them. I listened to their album a few times in the office (am actually listening to it now too) , but I just couldn’t find the source of the mass hysteria I was witnessing. I mean … people were degrading themselves over the radio to score free concert tickets, and proudly proclaimed that they were the only source left for these tickets. They were apparently already sold out?!

But why? How? Is Brit alt really making a come back? If it were the staple Brit bands like Coldplay or Blur or even fucking Travis, then I might understand. Even if it was an American band like Audioslave or Korn or My Chem Romance, I wouldn’t be shocked. But its fucking Muse. Who the fuck are they?

Oh well. Who cares. :)

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  1. razman said,

    Listen to plug in baby (one of their earlier song), super massive black hole, new born (very haunting beats) and starlight

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