Moving On

February 8, 2007 at 11:08 am (Announcement, Craps, GY 白 TULAN)

Due to some unforseen circumstances, I will be moving out next week. Darrell and Gerard have been very nice to help me out in moving, and I really appreciate their help. I’ll be moving to the condo block next to my office, so I guess come next week, I’ll be a long overdue PJ boy.

I wonder how it’ll be like to move out. I wonder how it’ll feel to stay by myself. I’ve always wanted to move out for a very long time now, and I guess it’s due to many many things. I missed an opportunity to go overseas to study, and from what I see, that’s usually the first time someone moves out from home. Also, I guess that since I’m the only kid, moving out is not something I would usually have the chance to do.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my family. I love living at home. I love how I can just throw my dirty laundry on the floor and find them hanging in my cupboard two days later. I love how I can get out of my room and walk over to the fridge where a dozen mineral water bottles of water will be readily filled for me. I also love how I can chat with my mom whenever I want.

Even with such a good life, I always thought that moving out would be good for me. It could help me build my independance. It could help me shape my character. It would mean I can smoke in my room without having to open all the windows and lock the doors! Hahaha!

But hey, this time it’s inevitable. I have to move out, so I guess in some ways, my wish has come true.

I was up packing till 3am last night, and to be really honest, I didn’t pack much. I boxed up all the clothes hanging in my wardrobe, and took a look around my room. Fuck me. I had like a ton of shit. I couldn’t decide what to bring. I knew that even if I brought EVERY FUCKING THING over, most of the boxes would remain unopened for a very long time.

Sigh, I guess it’s the one vice I inherited from my mama – the habbit of hoarding. I never throw shit away. NEVER. But today I guess I’ll just move the essentials with my buddies help. The mattress has got to go, the TV, the plastic drawer thingies, my book shelf, my table and I’ll try to squeeze in my uber comfy computer chair. The rest of the shit like my baju, I think my Wira can handle.

I’m starting to get cold feet over the move but there’s no turning back now no matter what happens.

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  1. faridz said,

    think bout it, now you can walk around your place naked. like totally naked, yeehaw.

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