Why not?

February 15, 2007 at 2:18 am (Craps)

Two years ago, a girl I knew asked me this question:

“Why can’t a girl and a guy be best friends?”

I replied:

“Of course they can.”

She rebuttled by adding a new word to the sentence:

“Why can’t a girl and a guy be JUST best friends.”

I boastfully announced:

“Of course they can!”

*Cutting a long story short, two weeks later, we found out that we I couldn’t be just friends with her didn’t want to be just friends with her. I developed a huge crush for her and the consequences weren’t pretty.*

Anyways, now that I’ve got GF, I reassessed the situation. It may make me sound shallow, but I think I can safely say that a girl and a guy can be best friends. It isn’t because I’m not single and desperate any more, but it’s just that I’m not single and desperate any more. Being single and desperate can put you through hell – it can fuck up friendships and more. It can fuck up your judgement on what is wrong and what is right. It can fuck up other peoples perceptions of you. It can fuck you up so badly, you could end up acting in a scat swapping video.

But the past is the past. Everyone has moved along.

So I guess that just as long as both the girl and the guy know that they are making a commitment here, then it should be all good. Yes, being best friends is making a commitment. It’s making a commitment that you won’t cross the line. It’s making a promise that you’ll know how to diffrenciate fact from fiction. It’s the drawing of a line that you cannot cross. It’s like putting you on a porn set, and telling you that your cock will be cut off if you do so much as touch the actresses (or actors, if that kinda thing floats your boat).

So I guess, in conclusion – yes, they can.

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