Drunken Rants

March 31, 2007 at 4:21 am (Craps)

It’s so unfair.

You can’t be here when I need you the most, and I can’t always be there for you either.

Words spoken between us aren’t even real words – just letters strung together on a computer screen.

Our voices may resonate over the causeway, but that’s all they’ll be – resonating sound waves, without any eye contact.

I miss you baby. I know you miss me too.

The feeling is mutual, but right now, it’s amplified by the booze.

Nevertheless, the words I say are sincere – if not, their meaning is also amplified by the booze.

With time, I will try to be by your side; and I sincerely hope that you’ll try to be at mine.

If I can’t go to Singapore, will you eventually come to Malaysia?

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March 29, 2007 at 12:42 pm (Craps, GY 白 TULAN)

Before I start, I’ll just go over a list of shit that I made for myself last week…

Things to do before I go to Singapore

  1. Update CV
  2. Scan my portfolio Updated 22/03/07 1.15am
  3. File all my certificate Updated: 21/03/07 3.45am
  4. Look up job offers
  5. Buy bus ticket Updated: 21/03/07  11.15am
  6. Borrow an MP3 player STATUS: FAIL
  7. Pack a digital camera STATUS: FAIL
  8. Pay credit card bills Updated: 22/03/07 9.45am

Things to do in Singapore

  1. Get a Singapore mobile number STATUS: FAIL
  2. Update CV with Singapore number STATUS: FAIL
  3. Submit CV by hand
  4. Wait for interviews
  5. Call up companies to check on progress
  6. Get a copy of the Saturday paper
  7. Meet up with Wilf, Fooker, Aaron
  8. Take a picture with Wendy STATUS: FAIL

With that out of the way, here’s a vague attempt at a post mortem:

Item number 6 on list 1:  “Borrow an MP3 player
Reason for faliure:  Request posted up too late (less than 24 hours before departure).

Item number 7 on list 1: “Pack a digital camera
Reason for faliure: Failed due to a total lack of apathy towards the item. Only realized when on bus.

Item number 1 on list 2: “Get a Singapore mobile number
Reason for faliure: Wasn’t arsed to spend RM50 on a SIM pack since I was already short on cash.

Item number 2 on list 2:  “Update CV with Singapore number
Reason for faliure: No number, how to update? Tiu.

Item number 8 on list 2: “Take a picture with Wendy
Reason for faliure: Didn’t leave the hostel much. When I did, it was to go out with GF, and we never did bump into Wendy.

So in other words, I got back from Singapore after a week there, and to be honest, I didn’t achieve the primary objective of securing a full time job. I did manage to get myself a freelance assignment, but that’s only for one month. I also was called a stalker for wanting to take Wendy’s picture. Sigh. Poor poor Pun Pun.

On a side note, I heard something today from an ex-colleague that really pissed me off. It pissed me off so bad that it has already spoilt my whole day.

Imagine this – three months ago, an ex-colleague of mine persuaded me to join her company. She sold me the idea of walking away from a secure job to try out something new. Since she was an ex-Catcha staff, she knew the difficulties we faced in Catcha and knew exactly what to say.

I knew taking up the offer would be risky – it was a small start up and it could go bust any time.

But I took the gamble. I could either work there for a year or two and greatly increase my profile, or I could fall when the company did and be unemployed.

For those who didn’t know, I was forced to take the latter route.

Anyways, I was fine with it. In the beginning I didn’t blame anyone. Hell, doing business isn’t so simple right? She even gave me leads to finding a job. So I thought it’s ok. She’s cool.

Until today.

Fucking hell. Talk about unethical.

First she dug me out of the company. Then she dug out my designer, who incidentally only lasted in Digital fucking Lifestyle for two weeks. And now, guess where she’s going to work? Yeah, she’s going back to Catcha.

Thanks for nothing. Thanks for pulling us out and leaving us in the cold. Thanks bitch.

Well, you know what? Since I’m in the mood for making check lists, here’s one check list just for you:

The bullshit that Mediacreates laid on us

  1. Dismissed staff without paying compensation. Less than 24 hours notice given.
  2. Did not pay March salary.
  3. Did not pay EPF (both employers and employee’s section) for 3 months.

Well, I’m no lawyer, but I’m guessing that I have some valid points here. Personally, I don’t give a fuck if the company closed down because it was bankrupt or otherwise. I don’t give a fuck any more. I want what’s rightfully mine, and if I don’t get it, I WILL go to the courts.

You must remember, I don’t have anything better to do with my day since YOU TOOK AWAY MY FUCKING JOB.

So, anyone reading this familiar with the ways of the labor court? I’m going to need some council on these three points. Are they valid points? Can I hold the company liable? Can I win?

If it’s any consolation, I’m not in it for the money. Nope. I’m in it for the principal.

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Search Engine Term of the day

March 29, 2007 at 12:12 pm (Craps)


Not one of the weirdest that I’ve seen, but this one’s not too bad either.

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Ranting from Singapore Part 4

March 28, 2007 at 1:03 am (Craps, GY 白 TULAN)

I’ve got my ticket to go home – it’s the 7 o’clock bus on Wednesday.

Anyway, one thing I know I won’t miss when I get home is the food.

Ugh. In a sentence, Singaporean food is NOT good.

Restaurant food is NOT good.

I paid SGD47 for dinner tonight at a “Korean BBQ” place with my girlfriend. It was virtually a posh-er version of Restauran Talipon. It was airconditioned, which meant our clothes and hair stank of oil and shit.

Here’s a tip – for OK food, go to the food courts. The food there is cheap (relatively when compaired) and tastes good (again, relatively when compared).

Anyways, like I said… I’ll be going home tommorrow.

Looking forward to some real food.

Wonder how long that enjoyment will last tho… since I’ve received a job offer, albiet a freelance one here.

Ho ho ho….

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Ranting from Singapore Part 3

March 24, 2007 at 1:29 am (Craps, GY 白 TULAN)

Just got back from a date with GF at Clark Quay.


Shit, thinking back, it was so secondary school feel! We met up at the MRT station, took a stroll around the financial district (Raffles Place if you must know) and took a long walk down to Clark Quay.

Oh did I mention – I bought her a rose! Hahahaha!! Damn old school sial! I also was having second thoughts when I bought it for her.

Well anyways, we continued our old school date and went for dinner along Clark Quay – and it only cost us (or rather, ME) SGD12!! HAHAHA!! YOU KNOW WHY? COS WE ATE IN A FUCKING FOOD COURT.

Sigh.. thinking of it makes me feel kinda depressed. She’s my girlfriend after all. Surely I want to take her out for nice dinners and chill out with her in nice places, but since I’m still unemployed and on quite a tight budget, no choice lor… Have to be economical.

Oh well… to cut a long story short, we walked up and down and up and down and finally settled opposite the museum on one of those fancy concrete marble stools outside UOB bank.

On the way there though, I conned a guei lo – didn’t actually con her per se but sort of gave her wrong directions ler. Buit cant blame me rite? I’m not a local… I’m just a tourist!!

Well, apart from getting busted by the hostel owner for my unhealthy internet habbits (sorry la boss… email is my best friend now), I can proudly say that I’ve emailed CV’s to everyone on my list. Over the weekend, I’ll be printing out hard coppies of my cover letters and my CV’s to hand deliver them on Monday. A little extreme and unnecessary but I guess I really need a job here.

Anyways, I’ve got 7 minutes of internet usage left, and I’ve got tons of porn to download and viruses to corrupt the hostels computers with (just kidding Tony). I’m in desperate need for a shower and I got to wake up before noon tommorrow today.

By the way, I think I’ll be extending my stay till Wednesday unless I get an interview. So expect me back on Thursday if not Saturday.

Peace out.

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Ranting from Singapore Part 2

March 22, 2007 at 7:00 pm (Craps, Useless Information)

Fuck the checklist. Fuck it for now.

Ugh. Life at the hostel has been ok so far. I’ve abused the 30 minute internet limit many times today, and I guess once I get caught I’ll just feign mental retardation. Yes, FEIGN ok. I’m not retarded. In any way.

Anyways, like I said, the stay has been ok so far. I went back to sleep at around 10am,  and woke up no less than twenty times before I finally left my bed at 1.30pm. I had at least 30 different dreams during that time, and these dreams weren’t your normal “flying around like superman” kind either.

They were the kind where you dream that you are dreaming. You dream of something outlandish, and wake up to find your surroundings even more outlandish. Yes, you’re dreaming that you woke up. Weird huh?

Well, somehow, I managed to dream I woke up about 12 times. Fucking weird man.

First dream, I’m in a hostel with like 50 people in the dorm. I wonder how the fuck so many people fit in, and I look around and see a sea of bunk beds. I’m shocked and I roll around in bed. Suddenly, I wake up. But when I wake up, I see the floor flooded. WTF?!!! I go “eew’ when I notice the floor is flooded with some yellow liquid – could be beer, could be gastor juice. I don’ t know and I don’t care, but what I do know is that I wake up again.

Or do I?

I wake up and see look at the view out of the window. I see tropical palm trees and calm waves breaking on the pure pristine beach. I think to myself how nice a stroll down the beach would be, and then I wake up.

But as you expect, I don’t actually wake up.

When I eventually do wake up (for real), I somehow remember that during all the layers of that funky psyced out trippy dream, I keep on looking at my mobile phone. I keep on thinking that I must wake up at 12pm to pick my girlfriend up for lunch. I somehow think that I’m supposed to meet her at noon, when in actual fact, I’m only supposed to meet her after work.

Strange. Fucking strange.

But when I finally do wake up, I go down to the stair landing for a smoke. I bump into a group of British backpackers and laugh inside at how they got slaughtered at Petaling Street. Once they leave, I see two Japanese girls walk up the stairs. I make small talk with another white chick and I get my sample writings PDF-ed.

Hmm… This hostel stay might not turn out too bad after all eh?

Well, you’ll find out later. I hope. ^_^

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Ranting from Singapore

March 22, 2007 at 9:52 am (Craps, GY 白 TULAN)

Things to do before I go to Singapore

  1. Update CV
  2. Scan my portfolio Updated 22/03/07 1.15am
  3. File all my certificate Updated: 21/03/07 3.45am
  4. Look up job offers
  5. Buy bus ticket Updated: 21/03/07  11.15am
  6. Borrow an MP3 player
  7. Pack a digital camera
  8. Pay credit card bills Updated: 22/03/07 9.45am

Things to do in Singapore

  1. Get a Singapore mobile number
  2. Update CV with Singapore number
  3. Submit CV by hand
  4. Wait for interviews
  5. Call up companies to check on progress
  6. Get a copy of the Saturday paper
  7. Meet up with Wilf, Fooker, Aaron
  8. Take a picture with Wendy

So far, so confusing.

Things haven’t exactly gone to plan – I’m living in a backpackers hostel now called BetelBox which is 10 minutes walk from the infamous Geylang area. Gosh. At least there’ll be lots of action around eh? *wink*

Anyways, I got a couple of articles scanned for my portfolio, and I’ll be busy photoshopping them today (cropping pictures etc, not faking stuff ok! :P). Hope it all goes well.

Check back later for more updates. Rite now, I’m going to take a nap on my bunk bed.

Peace out.

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Warning to: Hong Leong Bank

March 21, 2007 at 12:20 pm (Craps, GY 白 TULAN)

I’m on the verge of closing my Hong Leong Bank account.

It’s really starting to suck balls.

Their ATM and check deposite machines are always under maintanence.

Their online banking system is slow and is always down.

They recently revamped the whole online system, but it isn’t any much better than the previous one. Also, they conveniently forgot all my details, so I have to re-register a TAC number to do my online transactions.

Fucking pisses me off when I have to do things that I’ve already done. Especially when I need to get shit done quickly. Fuck man, I mean, I had to do 2 cash transfers before 12pm so it would go through the same day but the fucking shit system suddenly needs my TAC number. So press “request TAC”. Nothing happens. It says a SMS will be sent to me, but nothing comes.

Angry already, so I call the help line. Never answer. Put on hold for around 9 minutes but still no answer. Fine.

Check my details on the online system – great; no phone number registered. So I register my mobile phone number and click submit. Then the fucking “TAC Number” box appears. WHAT THE FUCK? I’M TRYING TO REGISTER MY FUCKING MOBILE SO YOU CAN SEND ME A TAC, AND YOU NEED A FUCKING TAC TO DO THAT? GG. Win already. I got nothing to say.

But I still not satisfied. I call the call center again. Wait again. Put on hold again for another 14 minutes. Fine. Wait. Then an idiot picks up the phone and spams the number pad. WTF?!! I WAITING FOR 14 MINUTES DAMN TULAN ALREADY, THEN YOU SPAM THE PEE PEE POO POO SOUND IN MY FUCKING EAR?

Never mind.

I say, “Hi, can I get my TAC number please”.

And he says, “Sir you need to register your mobile number first”.

I reply, “O rly? OK. I want to do that please”.

He says, “Ok Sir. I need your T-PIN”.

I go, “ER?! WTF?!!”.

And he says,”Yes, you need a T-PIN. You don’t have?”.

I tell him, “No. Give me one please”.

*Now the killer part*

He replies, “SORRY SIR…”

(I smack my forehead)

“… you have two options here…”

(I rub my forehead and listen)

“… you can either go to an ATM machine, get a T-PIN and call us back so we can register your mobile phone number or…”


“… you can call back later for a T-Pin.”

(This time really hot liau.)

I demand,”Why can you give me a T-Pin later and not now?”

He says.”Well Sir, we are having some problems with the system…”

I say,”Well that’s always the problem with this fucking bank rite?”

He laughs,”Yeah.”

(Super fucking heng now. Laugh at me some more. Mother fucker!)

He continues,”Maybe you can call lat……”

I cut him off,”Fuck you. Keep your fucking T-Pin to yourself. I’m going to close my account and you’re name is going to be on my closure form under the reason column.”

(Press the “no” button on my mobile, cos I can’t slam down a mobile.)


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To-Do Lists

March 21, 2007 at 2:47 am (Craps, GY 白 TULAN, Useless Information)

Things to do before I go to Singapore

  1. Update CV
  2. Scan my portfolio
  3. File all my certificate Updated: 3.45am
  4. Look up job offers
  5. Buy bus ticket Updated: 11.15am
  6. Borrow an MP3 player
  7. Pack a digital camera
  8. Pay credit card bills Updated: 11.45am

Things to do in Singapore

  1. Get a Singapore mobile number
  2. Update CV with Singapore number
  3. Submit CV by hand
  4. Wait for interviews
  5. Call up companies to check on progress
  6. Get a copy of the Saturday paper
  7. Meet up with Wilf, Fooker, Aaron
  8. Take a picture with Wendy

I’m planning to catch a 1.30pm or 2.30pm bus later today, but seeing that I haven’t even got my “before” list half way done, I’m pretty fucked.

It’s 2.45am. I got less than 12 hours left. I’ve got to pull this together. HELP.

By the way, I thought this picture was nice.


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Signing off

March 19, 2007 at 12:19 am (Announcement)

This is probably the last post that I’ll make from my office here at Dataran Prima, and you guys already know why.

My girlfriend has fallen asleep in the chair next to me while I endlessly try to back up data and clean traces of my existence here. I know it’s only been 2 months, but hell, I’ve really grown attatched to this place. Small office, few staff. It’s charming. It’s warm and friendly. It’s genuine, unlike the office I was previously in.

Since the moment I signed my offer letter here, I knew it was going to be a huge gamble. So I guess knowing that makes this moment a little less painful – a little less shocking.

Oh well, as the saying goes, life goes on.

I’ll be going down to Singapore on Tuesday or Wednesday to try my luck there and hopefully it’ll work out. I’ve also got to call up some companies and let them know that I’m changing my mailing address AGAIN. Sigh.

But hey, it’s not like I got much more to do with my time rite?

Anyways, thats that.  It’s good bye.

P.S. For those of you who haven’t the foggiest idea to what I’m mumbling about, well, as my final act of showing respect to my companies wishes for me to keep mum, you’ll have to ask me in person. You know la… being in the media and all – small industry where news travels fast; especially the kind you want to keep quiet about. ^_^

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