Kill the duck.

March 1, 2007 at 11:35 am (Craps, GY 白 TULAN)

People often use metaphors to describe situations, but one metaphor that sticks close to my heart is:

Procrastination is the mother of [insert word here]

The reason I’m leaving the closing word as a wildcard can be revealed by a quick Google search. People have used everything from “invention” to “fuck ups“, but being the filial child I am, I will have to insist that the correct closing word should be “Wern Shen“.

Wern Shen?!! Isn’t that me?
(I mean you lah)

Hahahaha. But yeah, it’s true – procrastination is MY mother.

I’ve done practically nothing since Monday. I have a couple of write ups to complete, but since my designer is still furiously laying out other pages, I figured I’d keep tabs on his timing and submit my remaining articles when he’s about to finish. Smart eh? College style rite?

Sigh. Why like this har?

I also don’t know. I also got no explanation!! But since I can remember, I’ve always procrastinated in doing everything. I don’t go to the toilet till my penis is going to explode from the pressure of my bladder or until I’m practically playing gopher with my asshole. I don’t bath till the last possible moment, unlike some people who bath as soon as they see a shower. I don’t wash my car till it’s under an inch of soot. I don’t sweep my room floor till I trip over dust balls. And as of this week, miraculously, I haven’t been eating till my tummy goes into a semi-conscious twisted pseudo-gastric state.

Why am I taking things so slowly? Why is my life so slow paced? Why is my life so laid back?

Am I not facing enough pressure? Am I facing too much?

Who knows.

Who cares?


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