Lunch today, and an open letter to Ken Tan.

March 1, 2007 at 3:52 pm (Craps, GY 白 TULAN)

Today I had the worst lunch ever.


Today I saw the worst lunch ever.

I ordered set meal B from Chatterbox @ 1Utama today which was described as:

“Fried egg and luncheon meat in tomato sauce with elbow macaroni”

So I thought to myself, “Okla, should be the stir fried Chinese style of macaroni we usually get in HK “Char Chan Teng” shops”

How wrong I was.

When the bowl reached the table, Charles instantly commented that it looked like “something sick people ate”.

Reagen didn’t spare any pleasantries either, and continued to add salt to my open wounds with his barrage of spiteful comments.

I swirled the mess around with my chopsticks – it was a bowl of macaroni in soup. There was a rotten looking fried egg on top which covered 2 slices of luncheon meat. There was a smashed up tomato in underneath that. It was nothing like what was described on the menu.

Thinking back on what Charles had just said, I mentally corrected his comment – it didn’t look like what sick people ate; it looked like what people get sick by eating.

I snapped.

I called the waiter and told him to take it away. I wasn’t going to eat that bowl of shit. It wasn’t because I was all classy and shit like Charles commented. It was just too unappetizing. It looked like a bowl of pig swill. It was horrible.

I acted rude – I made loud comments on how lousy the food looked. I made hysterical remarks towards the rubbish they served. And unsurprisingly, I didn’t feel bad when I saw the waiters and other customers noticing my unkind words. I actually felt proud of myself for not degrading myself by consuming that bowl of crap. I was the customer and I had my rights to voice my opinion. I sat there an unhappy customer, but the waiters did nothing to console me. The supervisor was no where in sight. The duty manager was probably enjoying his lunch (which was probably tapao-ed from another shop).

But what really rubbed salt into my wounds was seeing the waiters congregate in front of me, pass comments among themselves and laugh at me. They were mocking my dissatisfaction. They were degrading my rights as a customer. They were making a fucking mickey out of me.

Fine. Do that. I don’t care. I won’t drop to your level and pass unkind remarks about how I hate people like you. I don’t. Actually, I pity people like you. You have to come all the way from Burma to work here for peanuts. You probably get abused by your boss. You probably get marked by the police. You probably walk the streets at night in fear that some Mat Rempit will rob you. You probably fear that you’ll get deported by an errant immigration officer. Oh well, at least you can rest assured I won’t do anything wicked to you – physically. All I’ll do is hope and pray that all of the above happens to you, so you can go back to your starving family in Burma and explain to them how your unkind actions were reciprocated by an equally unkind reaction.

As for Chatterbox, I vow never to return there ever again until a formal apology is given to me. I also expect a proper explanation on the inedible quality of the food that was served. It may sound like a huge demand coming from an unknown blogger. It may sound like an unreasonable ransom from some one who isn’t a regular there. But that’s my stand. Until the above conditions have been fulfilled, I refuse to ever patronize that establishment.

So, Ken Tan of Chatterbox HK Sdn Bhd, if you are still the director of this establishment, please take note of the above. I’m sure I’m not the only disgruntled customer of your tea house. I’m sure there are many others like me out there who haven’t bothered to take the time and effort voice out their discontent. So if you do read this, please do the responsible thing.



  1. faridz said,

    bloody throw the bowl of crap to the waiter and proceed to take off your shirt and thump your chest as youre jumping on the table. That’ll give you their undivided attention.

  2. erizabesu said,

    i don’t like that place too…service is bad, food suckx

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