The week in review.

March 5, 2007 at 3:00 am (Craps, GY 白 TULAN)

I’ll start this post with a little rant (because we all just love rants, right?):

It may sound a little odd coming from the mouth of a self confessed seasonal workaholic, but I’m starting to dislike weekends.

Yes it’s true. Every single word of that sentence is a representation of how I felt towards this weekend.

Some of the people who spent the weekend with me would know what I’m referring to, but I’m sure the rest of you would probably be thinking that all that work has finally caused something up there to snap. So, regardless of which group you rest in, I’ll say it again – I, the Pun Pun Rider himself, hereby declares that weekends are starting to loose their charm. Weekends are beginning to get draggy. Weekends are beginning to get sluggish. Weekends are beginning to get… fatty!

Ugh. I just hate weekends; and 90% of that statement is due to the weekend I just spent.

Imagine – me, the Pun Pun Rider, spending the whole week watching the diet. I skip lunch on a daily basis, and substitute my triangle time (tea time) for a cup of 3-in-1 milo. I skip regular dinner time in favor of a cup of nescafe 3-in-1. I substitute a usually oil ridden supper with a bowl of sup kambing.

But when it comes to weekends, I just go wild. I happily and automatically pile back all the weight that I have lost over the course of the last four and a half days. Not good. Let’s recap at this weekend’s food binge:

Friday: Steamboat pseudo-buffet @ Cindy’s place. Topped off with half a dozen beers, and a hokkien mee supper.

Saturday: Evening snack consisted of two burger patties in bread. Dinner was home cooked so it doesn’t count. The killing blow was what happened after dinner – two glasses of wine, two glasses of hennesey, two glasses of chivas and a jug of long island tea. Ugh.

Sunday: Brunch was my favorite non-halal nasi lemak with fried pork (muahahehe!) and chicken curry. I had a shandy over snooker, and came home to a humongous home cooked Chap Goh Meh dinner. We barely finished half of what was cooked, and since it’s home cooked, it doesn’t count. I popped over to Charles’ and indulged in a portion of fried mee hoon, fried rice, curry chicken, curry mutton, pork belly in vinegar (damn fucking best), fried chicken wings, cake, “mixed” soup and another shandy.

So in a glimpse, this weeks weight chart can be summed in a simple equation:

Original weight – (lunch x 4) – pseudo-game of futsal + (weekend foo x 999) = Original weight + 999

I’m fucked. I fucking hate weekends. It makes me weak. It leaves me open to the enemy. I loose the will to turn down meals. I loose the strength to say no to a drink. I don’t swim or play ping pong because I’m away from the condo, and futsal is becoming a rare weekend activity.

But fuck that. I’m a healthy guy. I think. I’m not dead yet. I’ll just continue with my weekly routine and go with the flow. I’ve given myself six months to toughen up, and the third has just only crept by. I got three months to go, so there. I haven’t lost to you yet, fucking weekends. Try your best to wear me down, bitch. You won’t succeed. I will survive. Only because, I am sparticus.


Now on to the next issue – which surprisingly also relates to weekends.

Am I the only one who finds weekends getting a little boring? A night out just isn’t what it used to be, eh? No more fishing (well, at least none for me). No more getting pissed drunk (well, again, at least not for some heh heh heh). No more going out without a plan at all, and still ending up having a fun time.

Quite honestly, I do miss the weekend things that we used to spend the entire week planning. I miss the mass email discussions we had about going to Kuala Selangor for dinner. I miss the frantic phone calls I had to make to book us a table at that steam boat porridge place in Pudu. I miss how we used to spend our whole week looking forward to an evening together – knowing exactly what to expect, whilst continually churning our brains trying to figure out another exciting activity to supplement our evening.

These days, weekends tend to come and go. We meet up for dinner, and end up lingering around the table for an hour or so, trying to think of what else to do. If we don’t, we just meet up for drinks in a bar/cafe/coffee joint. We sit around the table waiting for someone to get the conversation rolling, but when it does, it tends to die out just as fast as it started. Going out for bowling or movies are nice ideas, but turn out to be tedious things we have to meticulously plan out.

Gone are the days when we could just hop into our cars and zip up to Genting for a cup of coffee. Gone are the days when we would break the stereotype surrounding youngsters like us and catch good locally produced play. Gone are the days when we could just gather at someone’s house and enjoy a DVD together.

Once again, things need to be over planned. Head counts need to be confirmed. Venues need to be scrutinized. Itineraries need umpteen revisions.

Is it getting a tad boring? Or are we just getting old?

Or is it just me who’s feeling this way?

Oh well.

So much for reviewing the week. This post on weekends has already gotten me pretty exhausted. I did mean just a short rant in the beginning, but I guess the rant has turned pretty infectious, ai?


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  1. Shirley said,

    Awww… someone is reminiscing the good ol’ times. I miss you too werny!

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