TD mania!

March 6, 2007 at 11:07 am (Craps, Useless Information)

Not too long ago, I was introduced to a flash version of a Warcraft-esque TD game. TD is the acronym for Tower Defense, a very popular custom map that’s played in Warcraft 3 (WC3). I used to play TD’s a lot when I was working in Horus Surfer a couple of years ago, so I was instantly addicted to this version. It didn’t require me to install WC3 on my PC, as I could play it directly off my browser. Like I said, I was addicted. I spent hours on end killing sheep with arrows and canon balls, trying hard to find to beat the map.

Finally, yesterday I managed to defeat the whole game and naturally I want to share my joy (and brag) with the world. Click on the images to get a full sized uncropped view.


Level 39 – Last level with score of 88955 and 76405 gold.


Finished the game – Final score of 112306.


That score was enough to get me into the Top 100 of 05/03/07. Ranking in at #71 of the day.


Well, that’s the highest score I ever got. I don’t think I’ll ever load the game up again, because you know what they say – I better quit while I’m ahead.

Scores get erased every day, so I’m happy with my current high score. But hey, try the game out for yourself. You might enjoy it. You might even get a higher score than me! Hahaha! Please, do let me know if you do!

P.S. I tried embedding the flash game into this page, but I’m having problems with WordPress and HTML. Anyways, here’s the direct link to the webbie. Go bananas mother fuckers!



  1. razman said,

    hahaha..must be one hell of a game

  2. razman said,

    actually..i take that is one hell of a game

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