What’s the fuss about?

March 7, 2007 at 7:52 pm (Useless Information)

The reason why I don’t listen to original CD’s (notice how I used the word listen and not buy) is due to my obsessive listening habits. When I come across a song or album that I like, I will usually listen to it a lot. My CD player will be set on repeat. My disc will never see daylight for at least another month. I will memorize the track listing and skip through the one or two “filler” songs that I dislike, and go straight to the one’s I want to hear.  By the time I eject the CD, it will probably be uber scratched (due to the constant forwarding and rewinding) and a little damaged (by the constant laser beaming).

Lucky for CD’s, this doesn’t happen all that often. I’m a real bitch when it comes to music taste – I’ll listen to any genre be it pop, jazz or even classical, but to find something that really hits the spot is quite a challenge. Rock music (or alt rock, or any of it’s sub genre’s) doesn’t score too highly on my chart. I may like a little head banging action once in a while, but getting really hooked onto a rock album is quite a rare occourance.

The last album I got hooked onto was quite mainstream – it was Limp Bizkit’s second album. I loved the rapcore beats of the tracks, since it was still rather fresh at the time. Since then, the same formula has been recycled so many times that it’s becoming silly. Linkin Park did a good job with their clean sounding songs (no words like FUCK or MOTHER FUCKER or FUCK YOUR MOTHER), but all their family oriented lyrics probably caused Mike Shinoda a whole lot of repressed anger (he used swear words freely in his own album).

Ever since that Limp Bizkit album,  Significant Other,  I have hardly come across a GOOD rock album. People went mad when Muse came to Malaysia, but who the fuck are Muse? Emo kids had a wonderful time evangelizing thanks to My Chemical Romance, but their so called emo roots soon sold out to the mainstream market. Bands like Guns and Roses, Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead, and Silver Chair had died off years ago. Audioslave’s self titled debut album,  was note worthy while Oasis’ comeback was worth less than the disc it came on.

Was rock going to stay off my must listen charts for ever?

Surprisingly, the answer is no. I had always enjoyed the odd single played on the radio. In fact, I only got to listen to three of my favorite songs of the previous years on the radio, as I hadn’t bothered to download them. They were Somebody Told Me, All These Things That I’ve Done and Mr. Brightside. I also had a soft spot for the song Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll, but I didn’t like it as much as the other three.

Only recently did I realize that they were all from a band called The Killers. I mean, stupid me right? I had all these songs on my hard drive for at least a year now, and it never occurred to me that they were from the same band. Fuck. So to cut a long story short, I downloaded the album (and later BOUGHT the CD). I didn’t regret it.

40-odd minutes later, I was grinning from ear to ear. Listening to this album was like meeting an old friend.  I was already very familiar with four of the eleven songs, and in all honesty, the remaining seven weren’t half bad. They weren’t the run of the mill filler tracks were all so accustomed to by now. I particularly enjoy the opening track, Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, track number seven called On Top and track number three, Smile It Like You Mean It. They all enjoy wicked guitar rifts, addictive bass guitar beats and wonderfully written lyrics.

A quick recap shows that I highly fancy seven out of eleven tracks, or about 63% of the album. But the numbers don’t do the album justice, and the condition of my CD will prove it. I’ve listened to this CD for two months now, non-stop. I’m not remotely bored by the album yet, unlike how I literally fell asleep after track two on the Muse album. Yuck.

So hey, there’s my two cents about The Killers album, The Hot Fuss. I also have their second album, but honestly, I don’t have the time (or rather haven’t yet set a priority) to listen to it yet. I’ve also managed to secure the whole collection of discs from the Naked Music label, and I’m taking time off The Killers to listen to them.

Now before I forget, all reviews need closure, so here it is. I give The Killers’ album, The Hot Fuss, four and a half PunPun’s over five. It also wins a place in my mind as one of my favorite albums of all time.



How’s that for closure mother fucker?

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  1. AHLOKKOR said,

    Excellent Post…..Keep them coming……

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