Monday on Wednesday

March 14, 2007 at 4:15 pm (Announcement, GY 白 TULAN)

It ended as fast as it started. Should I be surprised? Should I be disappointed? I don’t know.

All I do know is that I can’t sleep at night any more. I toss and turn and end up mashing my PS2 till dawn.

I can’t last 20 minutes without lighting up another cigarette. I smoke 40 sticks a day, and I don’t feel sick. I could get more, but I guess I can’t afford more right now.

I can’t end my day sober any more either. A beer or two helps me sleep. It gets me high and flushes out the worries. Again, I can only afford that much now.

I know I sound pathetic. I am pathetic now.

And for a change, it isn’t about women or friends.

This time it’s all about something that I can’t control/shape/influence.

But I’ll have to get up again. I know I will, but the question is only when.

Wish me well boys and girls. Luck is over rated. I gambled and I lost.

But at the end of the day, it’s just down to the luck of the draw.


  1. clement said,

    no worries bro.. we’re all behind u.. and i need ur email la.. gotta send u the contact info..

  2. darrell said,

    yo bro.. dont worry we’re all still around :) take care dude… wish u all the best ..

  3. charles said,

    you know what they say about door closing, toilet flushes and the new window opening… so take things as they come, you know you are more than what you were worth in that old place.

  4. faridz said,

    Charles, i think you were an overly sensitive girl in your past life.

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