To-Do Lists

March 21, 2007 at 2:47 am (Craps, GY 白 TULAN, Useless Information)

Things to do before I go to Singapore

  1. Update CV
  2. Scan my portfolio
  3. File all my certificate Updated: 3.45am
  4. Look up job offers
  5. Buy bus ticket Updated: 11.15am
  6. Borrow an MP3 player
  7. Pack a digital camera
  8. Pay credit card bills Updated: 11.45am

Things to do in Singapore

  1. Get a Singapore mobile number
  2. Update CV with Singapore number
  3. Submit CV by hand
  4. Wait for interviews
  5. Call up companies to check on progress
  6. Get a copy of the Saturday paper
  7. Meet up with Wilf, Fooker, Aaron
  8. Take a picture with Wendy

I’m planning to catch a 1.30pm or 2.30pm bus later today, but seeing that I haven’t even got my “before” list half way done, I’m pretty fucked.

It’s 2.45am. I got less than 12 hours left. I’ve got to pull this together. HELP.

By the way, I thought this picture was nice.


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