Ranting from Singapore Part 2

March 22, 2007 at 7:00 pm (Craps, Useless Information)

Fuck the checklist. Fuck it for now.

Ugh. Life at the hostel has been ok so far. I’ve abused the 30 minute internet limit many times today, and I guess once I get caught I’ll just feign mental retardation. Yes, FEIGN ok. I’m not retarded. In any way.

Anyways, like I said, the stay has been ok so far. I went back to sleep at around 10am,  and woke up no less than twenty times before I finally left my bed at 1.30pm. I had at least 30 different dreams during that time, and these dreams weren’t your normal “flying around like superman” kind either.

They were the kind where you dream that you are dreaming. You dream of something outlandish, and wake up to find your surroundings even more outlandish. Yes, you’re dreaming that you woke up. Weird huh?

Well, somehow, I managed to dream I woke up about 12 times. Fucking weird man.

First dream, I’m in a hostel with like 50 people in the dorm. I wonder how the fuck so many people fit in, and I look around and see a sea of bunk beds. I’m shocked and I roll around in bed. Suddenly, I wake up. But when I wake up, I see the floor flooded. WTF?!!! I go “eew’ when I notice the floor is flooded with some yellow liquid – could be beer, could be gastor juice. I don’ t know and I don’t care, but what I do know is that I wake up again.

Or do I?

I wake up and see look at the view out of the window. I see tropical palm trees and calm waves breaking on the pure pristine beach. I think to myself how nice a stroll down the beach would be, and then I wake up.

But as you expect, I don’t actually wake up.

When I eventually do wake up (for real), I somehow remember that during all the layers of that funky psyced out trippy dream, I keep on looking at my mobile phone. I keep on thinking that I must wake up at 12pm to pick my girlfriend up for lunch. I somehow think that I’m supposed to meet her at noon, when in actual fact, I’m only supposed to meet her after work.

Strange. Fucking strange.

But when I finally do wake up, I go down to the stair landing for a smoke. I bump into a group of British backpackers and laugh inside at how they got slaughtered at Petaling Street. Once they leave, I see two Japanese girls walk up the stairs. I make small talk with another white chick and I get my sample writings PDF-ed.

Hmm… This hostel stay might not turn out too bad after all eh?

Well, you’ll find out later. I hope. ^_^

1 Comment

  1. Tony said,

    Aiyah, I know you been abusing the 30min limit lah, I let you what. Think we don’t know meh? We not retarded also what. Its to prevent abuse… like people using it 10 hours aday, downloading/ uploading porn, skyping the day away, playing network games… etc. You not doing any of these hor?
    Anyways, good luck with the job hunt… Wendy lives in Marine Parade, just 20 mins walk away… think she has already been stalked before… join the queue….

    PunPunRider:Wah! Damn paiseh… kena busted. BTW Tony, I’m not stalking her laaaa~~!! Just want to get a picture. Heh heh heh…..

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