Drunken Rants

March 31, 2007 at 4:21 am (Craps)

It’s so unfair.

You can’t be here when I need you the most, and I can’t always be there for you either.

Words spoken between us aren’t even real words – just letters strung together on a computer screen.

Our voices may resonate over the causeway, but that’s all they’ll be – resonating sound waves, without any eye contact.

I miss you baby. I know you miss me too.

The feeling is mutual, but right now, it’s amplified by the booze.

Nevertheless, the words I say are sincere – if not, their meaning is also amplified by the booze.

With time, I will try to be by your side; and I sincerely hope that you’ll try to be at mine.

If I can’t go to Singapore, will you eventually come to Malaysia?

1 Comment

  1. faridz said,

    wow, that touched me. stupid cockroach. *takes paper and whacks it*. Anyway, regarding this post….cool.

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