Infamously Unfamous

April 1, 2007 at 8:03 am (Craps)

An old cliche tells us that less is more, but how much can we actually get from having less?

Puzzling isn’t it? Maybe it’s just the lack of sleep (it’s 7.43am and I’m still awake for fucks sake), or maybe the constant thumping of bass has finally dislodged my brain (Bob Sinclar’s “World, hold on” is the latest addition to my looping playlist).

Anyway, back to the point – I heard a phrase on the radio on my way home and I found it quite inspiring. It’s oh so cliche, but still, looking at my current situation, I found it rather apt.

The more successful some one is, the more prone they are to be scared of faliure.
We started off as nobody, so we had nothing to loose anyway!”

Which brings me to my point – if I’m a nobody, can I succeed? How unfamous must I be to become infamous? If I’m too little of a nobody, will any body actually give a fuck when I succeed?

Well, I guess if I do succeed, I’ll be rich and shit. But I guess, for starters no one will go “tiu, is his father rich, not him” or “tiu, take over fathers company ma”. People will probably go “tiu, so rich for what? he so fat and ugly” or “tiu, so rich for what? sure his cock very short wan!” or “tiu, so rich for what? not like he is a superstar also”.

(**Disclaimer: I have nothing against people taking over their father’s company. Don’t get me wrong here, but you know as well as I do that these fuckers like to use that sentence!)

Erk… actually as long as you’re rich, sure got people fuck you for no reason. So in that sense, isn’t it better to be moderately well off and unfamous instead of being rich and unfamous (or are you famous now since you’re rich?).

If I was successful and (moderately) rich, I’d buy myself an Evo 6.5 TM Edition. It would be red and it would have 19 inch white rims. It would have a pppprrruuuuu kind of blow off vaulve instead of the more garang sounding pppppshhhh. I would use a PDA phone and carry a Dunhill sling bag (I spotted one in Singapore DFS… damn fucking chio man!). I’m not a big watch fan, so I guess the furthest I would go would be a Tissot T-Touch or a Tag Heuer. Baju wise… I think fuck it. Just buy what’s nice, but for sure going to buy my self a Lacoste polo T.

I don’t think I’d have to change my yum cha habbits with the boys. As it is, we’re already paying out of our noses during our regular Dome sessions. I wouldn’t really have to change drinking venues either, beacause drinking in a club is expensive regardless of where you go. One thing I’d have to make sure tho is that my car is registered with a Singapore plate. That’s so I can go in and out of Singapore to visit GF without having to pay the fucking stupid daily toll thingy. Ish. We should charge them toll too leh!

Erh. Fuck. I think I’ve lost track a little here now. What the fuck was this post about in the first place anyway? TIU!

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  1. faridz said,

    First thing ill do when it hit my first million..well no, when i hit my first $5 million is to finance Taylor Rain’s new movie and bring her out of retirement . And then id prob use the $4 million on myself. Oklah, maybe get Razman a new bodykit for his car cause he fetches me and ferrys me to places alot and he’s been talking bout cars alot these days.

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