Words in my head. Or lack thereof.

July 2, 2007 at 1:45 am (Craps)

I actually had a 2000 word post all typed out, but I decided that it meant much less than these few words I’m posting up right now.

Time has been a bitch – mostly because I want it to be.

I spend more time on the job (although Melvin might strongly digress!) than I ever had, and honestly, I’m enjoying it. Taking up the post at NewMan has been the best thing I have done recently, because it has opened up opportunities for me that I never thought would be possible.

I sometimes shudder to think how monotonous my life would be if I had ditched this job for a stint at The Gardens. Ugh. I’d probably be cracking my head trying to create some absurd Customer Loyalty Programme. It would potentially be worse than BSA! The horror!

But yeah. I’m lovin what I’m doing now – for a change.

I only wish I could have done this sooner. But then again, if I didn’t go through what I went through before, would any of what I have now be as valuable to me? Maybe. Maybe not.

Who can really say for sure?

1 Comment

  1. Charles said,

    For sure my man…. you have been getting stage time, radio time, mag appearance, tv time… for attention whore ( I mean it with zero malice) like you, how not to be happy.

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