Spiraling Down

January 7, 2008 at 1:35 pm (Craps)


Since 010108, I’ve only drank 1 can of beer and about 5 or 6 whiskey. Based on my previous track record, I must say that my new year’s resolution to drink less is pulling through. If you aren’t a drinker (or have never drank with me before) then you probably won’t quite grasp why I’m saying that the amount that I’ve drank so far is little. Sure, it’s only the beginning of the month, but trust me, I literally whack bottles to get high. I guess that goes to show the severity of my drinking problem.

Yes, I have one. Admitting to it is just stating the obvious. You don’t exactly have to be a rocket scientist to tell that – just come drinking with me one day to find out for yourself.

However, if you do, you might be disappointed because I’ve learnt to say no.

Somehow, I don’t have an urge to chug a beer or sip on a whiskey any more. I don’t find the drive to get smashed as much either. I mean, drinking is drinking. You get bloated. You get drunk. You do stupid things. You vomit. What the hell man.

All that just to get “high”? There are many, many, many other ways to achieve that.

OK. So maybe it isn’t exactly a good transition for me, but I like the way it is now. I get to enjoy myself. I get to save money. I don’t puke. I can control what I’m doing. I think it’s worth the price to pay. The legal price I mean.

Oh well… Like they  say, out of the pot -> into the kettle. Haha.


1 Comment

  1. Pun Pun Rider said,

    Out of the “pot” haha…!!

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