A Good Day

February 15, 2008 at 10:55 pm (Craps)

I can’t believe my luck. Today has been the best day of 2008 by far!

1. Met Dave White.

2. Got a signed poster and tshirt from him.

3. Won myself a locker full of Nike Vintage Dunks!

4. Met and hung out with Jin.

That’s almost RM3k worth of prizes, and a ton of priceless experiences. I’m fuckin’ stoked. I can’t even believe it myself!

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Three cheers for Informations Technology

February 5, 2008 at 4:19 am (Craps, Useless Information)

Thank God for the computer and the internet. It turns geeky losers like me into macho men. I’ll harness its powers for the the forces of good, and try to weave myself some space into her schedule. But technology (or rather, MSN in particular) has fucked me up one time too many. I guess I’ll just have to source for more wonderful mediums on the net then. I wonder if my combined efforts will eventually bear fruit. I guess I’ll just have to try to find out, ey?

*And stop listening to trippy music like Weekends [Alpha Mix] by The Perishers on my headphones at four in the morning…

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The Persuit for Organizational Skills

February 4, 2008 at 7:53 pm (Craps)

Attraction is a funny thing. I don’t know how it works, nor will I ever know how it works.
One thing I do know for sure is how easily attracted to people I am.

There’s this girl I know. I know her from this guy I know. I think she’s really nice, but then again, I’ve only met her x times. Notice how x is in the lower case, denoting how little the amount is? Well, with all news, there’s the good and the bad.

The Good:
She’s nice.
She’s nice to me.
She hasn’t found me overly weird. Yet.

The Bad:
Eveything thats good is what I think, and is in no way confirmed or substantiated by actual facts.

The thing about this whole issue is that things don’t always work the way I wish they would. She isn’t going to magically turn around one day and tell me that I’m the man she’s been waiting for her whole life. Haha. If that happened that would be quite drama, but like I said (over and over again), life isn’t like a drama.

Well, if you ask me about my short term plans, then yes. I am going to try.

If you ask me why? Then OK, I don’t have the best track record out there, but I do have the right to be optimistic right?

So whatever happens in the near future, I hope that the lowdown of it all is transpired well enough here. Well enough that I can look back at this post a couple of weeks/months down the line and laugh at how “organized” I tried to be. Hah.

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