On a hot PJ night

June 17, 2008 at 1:23 am (GY 白 TULAN)

It’s 1.16am in my newly arranged room. I bought a nice table room from Ikea today that cost me only RM95, and I put my computer and speakers on it. Didn’t buy that funky swivel chair though, so I knicked a chair from the dining table. Hoho…

It’s fucking hot here though, and I’m facing a predicament. If I close the window, I won’t get fresh air and my ashtray will stink up the room, but at least the fan will feel stronger. If I open my door, it will increase the windflow through my room, hence cooling it down, but then I can’t listen to music because it’ll wake up my mom.

If I sleep with my shirt on, it’ll be a little too hot, and I’ll wake up all sweaty. But if I take off my shirt and sleep, it’ll eventually end up too cold, and I’ll wake up with the chills and a runny nose.


I just wished I had air conditioning in my room. That would solve everything except the ashtray smell, which I can remedy simply by putting it in the hall.


I need to get my hair cut too.


I need to be in Pavilion at 10am.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck cibai fuck!!!!!

1 Comment

  1. Gwen said,

    I counldn’t sleep well these days.
    Although i change the tempature to 25celcius on my AIR CON control. HAHA…….

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