June 18, 2008 at 3:37 am (Craps, Useless Information)

It’s 3.26am and I’m exhausted from my futsal game tonight. I know I didn’t exactly run much compared to other people, but with my level of fitness, I think I did a hell of a job. Haha…

Tomorrow is my big day. Hopefully I can perform well, and maybe that will give me inspiration to attend the open audition for DJ’s for the radio station. I’ve already failed to make the cut for TV – I guess I was too gabrah when in front of the camera last time. The lens is fucking big leh. KNNCCB. Bigger than my head. Bigger than my fucking car’s rim leh. How to not scared. Macibai.

Anyways, I hope I can do well tomorrow, and audition well next week. I really want to get that job, even though it’s for a relatively smaller radio station. But who gives a fuck? Everyone needs a break into the industry right? Cameron Diaz started out as an extra. Claudier Shefer (however the fuck you spell that German cow’s name) acted as a fucking air stewardess in a commercial and sang some stupid jinggle. There was this famous actor guy who was once a used car salesman. There are those who were once garbage collectors and grave diggers. Mahai. Don’t look down oh. I know I’m just a writer – my words tend to come out better on paper (on screen lah in this case), but fuck it, it’s my ambition ma.

See how it goes. Hopefully tomorrow will do well and catch some attention. Not to say I’m an attention whore (trying not to be lah), but I always dreamed that someone would notice the stuff I do, like how those football scouts manage to scout young players and take them to massive clubs. But if the kid is unlucky, and he kena scan by some pedo-scout then GG for him lah. Sorry kid, you’ve been attacked by the pedobear. Hohoho…

Shamelessly rip from other people site haha…

Oh well… At least I know that I’m safe from the pedobear. Who knows. If things don’t work out, I might become the pedobear! HAHAHAHA



1 Comment

  1. vicky said,

    Chan wern… u did well yesterday nite…hahaha … all the best on ur DJ audition ya… hahaha.. ;)

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