Digital Lifestyle

February 6, 2007 at 8:18 am (Announcement, Craps)

At long last, the latest issue of Digital Lifestyle is hot off the press!

But why the fuck am I so excited about it?

Well, probably because I work here? Hahaha! BIATCH!


Cover picture.


Full package – Magazine, Projector Suppliment, Ghost Online Starter Pack, Simpsons The Movie Ang Pow Packets.


Can you spot the shameless self promotion?


Pictures in this post curtosy of the Samsung NV3.

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Road Trips

February 5, 2007 at 1:13 am (Announcement, Craps)

I miss GF. I miss her terribly. I guess since we spent so much time together when she was around, her not being around becomes so hard to endure.

Oh well. No point whining about it. I’m no sissy boy. Road trip time!

Warning to all kawan kawan, rakan rakan and people I know in Singapore – I’m coming to raid the little island you call home this week end! Muahahehehe!

I’ll be staying in GF’s place at Jurong, so DONT BE A FUCKING STRANGER. I will find you. I will hunt you down. No point hiding from me. Muahahehe!

When I get back, I’ll spend a coupe of days in KL, then it’s road trip number 2 – this time to Cameron Highlands. It’ll also be the first time I’ll wear my spankin new jacket. Fuh. Smart sial. Lucky I made it gray and not black.


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I’m Pro

December 13, 2006 at 10:52 pm (Announcement, Blogroll, Tech)

Yeap – it’s official.

I’m been put in charge of a tech blog that’s being run by my company. Seeing the sucess (both in terms of editorial content and advertising revenue) of other techblogs around the world like Engadget, Gizmodo, The Register and The Inquirer, it was only a matter of time before my company went back to its internet roots.

I’ve always been a fan of blogging since my highschool days, where I had to do everything in notepad and upload them to the shit we now call GeoCities, and then moving on to the community gaming blog – Challenge-MY. Being an avid blogger myself, I welcomed the project with open arms.

Hell, I’ve got a great team to work with so I’m guessing that this’ll be quite a breeze too!

Team members:

Editor – Chan Wern Shen
Sub Editor – Chan Wern Shen
Senior Writer – Chan Wern Shen
Writer – Chan Wern Shen
Technical Person -Vijay a.k.a Low Yatt . Net founder

Told you it was a great team! I guess I won’t be having deadline problems with my staff eh? LOL!

Anyways, as usual I’m always open to suggestions and of course contributions (all of which will be credited accordingly, of course). But then again, before sending shit over take note of the “Top 3 questions not to ask me:”.

Top 3 questions not to ask me:


Q: Do you get paid extra to do this?

A: Not yet, only because I just started on this project today. I see it as a great suppliment to my magazine and I guess if I can develop it then I’ll probably ask for a raise during my next appraisal. *hint to bosses who read this blog*


Q: Can be a writer for that blog?

A: Sure. But not just yet. The blog is still new, and I have to work out how contributions will go.


Q: Who chose that fucking domain?

A: It wasn’t me.

Now with all that cleared up, I proudly present you with the TechUpdater! It’s still new, so give me a chance ok?

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Empty cans

December 12, 2006 at 1:35 pm (Announcement, Craps, Tech)

Usually sound the loudest.

I guess that means I’m not really empty then rite?

My colleagues have noted my sudden quietness in the office, as have some of my friends. I guess it’s not the end of the world though. I still have my work, I still have my family and of course I still have my friends.

I got myself quite a week lined up here, so it looks like work, work and more work – which usually I would be bitching about, but this time around I’m welcoming it with open arms.

I got a work trip (heh,I love saying that) to Langkawi lined up next Tuesday so I pretty much got to get all my shit done by then, cos boss is leaving back to Australia on the 22nd. That leaves me with 5 working days to complete a truck load of Stuff (no pun intended).

Once I’m back, I’m off to Kuching for my yearly pilgramage. I was supposed to come up with a whole itinerary for the Pan clan, but honestly, the combination of my workload and my apathy meant that the idea of putting responsibility on my shoulders was doomed from the start. I’ll only be back on the 29th, so I guess I’ll spend the week drinking cheap beer and running off to Damai beach every now and then. I’ll definately drop by Zing, and maybe check out Links. No idea what else to do back there so if anyone has anything interesting to do in Kuching, please please drop me a line.

Gwen has left KL, and will actively seeking a job in Singapore. Today is only the second day since she’s left, so I’m putting up pretty well. She’ll be back in KL for New Years Eve, so if any of you guys want to meet up with her, then that’s the time.

Oh, did I mention that I’m turning pro? Yeap. By the end of the week, I’ll be a Senior Writer cum Professional Blogger. LOL. Sounds good, don’t it?

Well, here’s the deal – my big boss has decided to start a network of blogs covering all sorts of topics. I’ll be the technology blog updater, and since I’m the only one who’s going to be actively working on this project, I guess I’m the boss for this one! Hah! I don’t know if I can let you guys know the URL yet, but if you’re resourceful and observant enough, you’ll probably have guessed it already.

He want’s it to be Engadget and Gizmodo-ish, which means I’ll get to bang shit anyway I like. I LIKE! :)

Oh well. I guess that’s all for now. It’s back to work for this not-so-empty can.

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November 17, 2006 at 10:55 am (Announcement)

Resigning always makes me feel bad.

It’s not because I know for some twisted reason that I’ll miss the ol’ place. Nope. Believe it or not, I’m an ol’ fashioned sentimental kinda guy.

I could have just dropped in my letter on Wednesday, while my manager was overseas. It would have eliminated this awkwardness, but then again it would just be plain rude.

I decided to wait for his return, and less than half an hour ago I dropped in his room to pay him a visit.

Gosh, I hate the look they always give. And the prep talk they try to make. But if I was boss, I guess it would be the same too.

Who would have thought – after putting in so much effort to get out of something, I actually eneded up putting in more effort to get back in. But at least I can rest assured that I’m going somewhere to something that I enjoy doing.

What they say is true. You don’t appreciate what you have till you’ve lost it.

Since that whole entry sounded gay, here’s a little something to prove I haven’t softened up.


And yes, he means you.

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The choice…

October 20, 2006 at 5:10 pm (Announcement)

Thanks guys for the feedback. My decision was made a little easier after reading them.

One thing’s certain now – I’m in the running to go over to the States. I voiced out my thoughts to my manager (which I just found out also happens to be my company’s assistant GM) on my current status (i.e. PAKI LOVIN) and gave it to him sweet and simple; the Paki/India/Africa accounts will be handed over to freshmeat once I’m confirmed to go over.

One thing that still lingers in my head is the response I gathered – 100% of respondants encouraged me to leave M’sia.  Being the kuai lan guy I am, it’s either because they really belive that going to the States is actually going to be good for me/my career/my purse OR it’s because they don’t want me around.

Nah… just kidding guys. I know you all love me.

Speaking of love… damn I really broke the bank this time. More updates on that matter to come in the next post or two.

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The clock is ticking

October 10, 2006 at 11:11 am (Announcement, Craps)

In less than two hours, my fate will be revealed.

Where I’ll be this time next year? Who knows.

Argh… damn stress.

Part of me wants to go, but part of me wants to stay.

Oh well… at least I can heave a breath of relief knowing a used BMW M3 costs the same price as a used Dodge truck.

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October 4, 2006 at 9:36 am (Announcement, GY 白 TULAN)

I’ll make this short – I’m confused.

Simply put, I’m even a little scared.

No, it’s not the job that I’m scared of, nor confused about, but it’s the choice that I’ll have to make very soon.

One that will cause a change. A huge one. A life-altering one to say the least.

But, being the gentleman I am, nothing will be disclosed till everything is confirmed and in place.

Part of me awaits that day, while the other crings it.

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Headliner for the month of September

September 27, 2006 at 2:17 pm (Announcement, Useless Information)

Dear diary,

It has been a wild 13 issues here at Stuff Towers (we all know it’s not really a tower, but who cares?!) and today will mark the end of my wacky journey. Who would have thought that someone coming from an obscure call center in the middle of nowhere, could succeed in the journalism world? Well, I guess I couldn’t have done it without the help of my supportive colleagues (bah!) and my two mentors, Old Man Wilf and Mr. I-speak-really-slowly-on-the-air      Lau      Chak      Onn      .

As I turn over to a new chapter in my life, I guess I’ll miss the hustle and bustle of the whole media industry and the freebies I’m so accustomed to receiving. I’ll miss the daily /_\ session, as well as the occasional jeling/throwing of items/pau-ing of cigarettes from colleagues. I’ll probably miss the adrenaline rush I always get from smoking breaks in the stair well, and I’m sure I’ll miss all the crazy drinking parties organized by the office – heck, there’s nothing like free booze! Deep down in my heart, I just hope that my colleagues won’t forget me. Even though I will be working on the other side of the world (town), my heart would just burst with joy if I remained on their invite list for their future events/parties/screenings (*cough*hint*cough*)!

Anyways, I’m pretty sure they’ll all know how to contact me. My email inbox ( will readily welcome their glad tidings, and my blog will always be open to their scrutiny.

So, without further ado, I bid the wonderful place I called home (second home lah) and the wonderful people I called my family adieu, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, adiós, arrivederci, さようなら, 再见 and good bye!

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