Its NUTS!!!

November 28, 2005 at 2:04 am (Uncategorized)

My weeks are getting worse and worse. Ever since I came back from Singapore, KL seems so fucking boring. Everyday I get stuck in the jam after work. IMAGINE BEING STUCK IN A 30 MINUTE JAM JUST TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF MID VALLEY’S ROADS. I mean… 30 minutes later, and Im still in the vacinity of Mid Valley. Jeezzzz…. Its so bad.. its not bad no more. Its just fucking horrible.

Then when I finally manage to get my fosilized car out of the jam, I have to decide where to go. I can go home to a tapau-ed dinner from my mom or I can give my friends a ring. I usually choose the latter. Once thats decided, the real fun starts.

MC: “Dunno la… you decide-lah”
WS: “TIU… why la… I work whole day liau.. brain cannot think”
WS: “OMFGWTFBBQ… okla you think then I think then when some one decide…”
MC: “ok set”

* 2 minutes later

WS: “Go there only lah…”
MC: “Again?”
WS: *tulan grunt
MC: “Ok lah… fuck it lets go”

* Both end up at location X for the n-th time this week.

*** WS = Wern Shen / MC = Mr. Chen

SIEN RIGHT? Imagine that for like 1 week. Its been that bad. But its not over. After dinner, we just stone at the said place for about 30 minutes before actually deciding either to: a) go to another place to continue stoning OR b) go home. Sien I tell you… so fucking sien. But its not either of our faults I guess. Since the gang sorta split ways due to various factors, its been this way. Gone are the days of non-stop retardism (is there such a word?) from stupid jokes passed up and down the table of sor hais. Damn, those were the days ei?

Oh but dont forget the wild card players – Mr. KY has returned from the land down under for three months so that should spice things up a lil. I’ve just attained a certain taste for Hi-NRG – so Im really looking forward for a night out at a club, and not to forget the Amber factor.

Hmmm… Lil miss Amber. She’s a tough nut to crack. I just cant figure her out. On one hand, she’s like … unf unf… if only she would call me “oompahhh. WAH! STEAM. But the rest of her… damn. Is she into me the way Im into her? Is she … *GASP* using me */END GASP*? Only God knows. And Im still waiting for her answer… Damn… How to squeeze an answer out of her apart from doing it with force? Heh heh heh …

*Imagine mode*

(All conversations are held in cantonese, albiet – broken canto from me)

WS: “Amber lets go dinner tonight”
MA: “Oklo”

* 2 hours later at an undisclosed location far far away from civilization

MA: “Where are we going”
WS: “I bring you see nice nice thing”
MA: “Oklo”

* Car stops. Wern Shen looks at Miss Amber.

WS: “You still owe me an answer… is it…”
MA: “Ha?… I ….”

* Seatbelt clicks, doors unlock.

MA: “Ei?”
WS: “Thanks for making it so subtle, and easy to bear”

* WS kicks Miss Amber out of the car


*Imagine mode off*

*SMACK SMACK SMACK* Damn I need to wake up. Im not saying Im hoping for a “No” but… I guess I am accustomed to always expect the worst from any situation. I really like her, and I hope she likes me, but … ARGH. FUCK I STRAYED WAY OFF TOPIC NOW… CIBAI.

Fuck lah… now brain also koyak dunno what was I talking about – and too lazy to scroll back up.

Bah.. Well.. tonight me and the boys + girl went out for dinner at Wong Ah Wah @ Jln Alor. I took some pictures of it, but they are in the Samsung E600. Im not fucked to take out the cable now so I guess the pics got to wait..After a boring dinner of veggies, tofu, chicken wings and ikan bakar we headed off to Coconut House @ Pudu. Fuck I so love this place. If I were to propose to a girl, it would be here. Provided its not raining. And we are seated outside at the back. And there aint no mozzies around. And she likes me.

Pics were taken from the Dopod, so they are a lil blur.

Outside of the Coconut House @ Pudu

Inside abit

Coconut Coffee – fucking owns

Coconut Coffee and Hazlenut Puding(?!!)


Mr. Chen & Ms. Ang

Mr. Lim & Mr. KY

Anti-social Mr. Chen

Why everyone playing phone?! Cibaii…

ZOMGWTFBBQ its the 1-2-5 pose! No. 1

No. 2

No. 5!!

Kick ass ashtray

At least it was pretty fun tonight compared to other days. Well… Its like 3 now… so Im gonna crash. Tomorrow is a new day?


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